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FACE A FACE™ Eyeglasses

FACE A FACE is a French brand launched by two eyewear admirers, Nadine Roth and Pascal Jaulent. Following Pascal’s point of view, he wanted to create a company that manufactures frames to fit the personality, flair, and character of its wearers. Jaulent always loved the design, and his career started from urban planning, where he applied his creative skills in architecture. Then he worked as General Manager at Lunettes Lafont Paris where he dove fully into the world of fashionable eyewear and learned all the aspects of glasses design. In 1995, he partnered with Nadine, and they worked together in a design group of their new brand, creating new shapes, matching colors, and choosing textures for beautiful collections of stunning glasses.

Just as an experienced architect, the company plays with materials, volumes, and tones to add individual style to the wearer with an excellent pair of glasses. Oriented to quality and fashion, the brand quickly became popular for its bold and sophisticated frames made for people who always want to stand out from the crowd. To select a stylish pair of distinctive glasses, we invite you to visit our optical store EuroOptica at 280 Columbus Ave and view a wonderful assortment of impressive collections. Being an official retailer of the famous French company in Manhattan, New York, we offer only original FACE A FACE frames.


Each collection from FACE A FACE features artistic and personal temperament inspired by architecture and modern design. Frames crafted by this brand can be seen on many celebrated people in real life and many movies, for example, on actors Sarah Jessica Parker and Jude Law. Being a symbol of individuality and personal luxury, exclusive glasses bring a spirit of fabulous French vogue to the streets all over the globe. Using its concept of duality based on two materials and two colors, the brand develops and produces every pair of eyewear following the owner’s needs and desires to reflect their personality.

With the head office by the Champs Elysees, the skilled and experienced design team creates innovative styles to express a true epitome of the Parisienne personality and emphasize the uniqueness of every frame. Designers of the company make experiments with combinations of top-rated materials, unique silhouettes, bold hues, and interesting textures. They research the relationship between contract, light, and colors to produce excellent glasses recognizable by millions of people worldwide. The main goal of the FACE A FACE company is to provide wearers with perfect eyewear to follow their lifestyle, needs, personality, and look as well as fit their face shape.


The company FACE A FACE was launched in 1995 by Pascal Jaulent and his partner Nadine Roth as a French eyewear brand based on creativity and contemporaneity with no compromise on design and quality. Pascal, with his great passion for ethology and also social and human issues, dreamed to be an urban planner. He studied at the Paris Management School and got a job in the financial departments of well-known companies Nestlé and Dior before his wish to work in a smaller team came true in Lunettes Lafont Paris, where he became a General Manager.

Being a popular brand in North America, Asia, and Europe, FACE A FACE distributes its products to over 40 countries worldwide. Audacity, contemporary, creative, independent, and seductive glasses are inspired by fashion, modern design, and architecture, revealing personality and expressing the wearer’s style. With distinctive frames that reflect the essence of the masculine and the coquettish feminine, the ultramodern company aims to enhance the most determinant qualities of the owner’s personality. In 2014 the brand became part of the Design Eyewear Group with a head office in Aarhus, Denmark, and Pascal Jaulent took the place of Chief Creative Officer for all companies inside the group.