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Contact Lens Fitting

Being a great alternative to wearing glasses, contact lenses can improve your vision and provide unparalleled comfort. The industry of lenses develops new technologies constantly to create more comfortable and accessible products, and there are many various types of lenses to wear for a day, for a week, and even for a month. Thanks to contacts, many people can forget about eyeglasses and enjoy their active lifestyle. Of course, if you’re going to buy contact lenses, this medical device should be discussed with an experienced eye doctor who will help you to choose the right type of lenses that suit your visual needs the best.

Whether you are thinking about getting your first pair of contacts or updating existing ones, our qualified specialists will assist you in picking up the best product to fit your specific needs. Visit our store EuroOptica, at 288 Columbus Ave, Manhattan, New York, and get a contact lens consultation from our experienced professionals. When our clients opt for contact lenses, two things are very important: a proper and comfortable fitting of contacts and the right hygiene. A contact lens exam consists of two parts: the first is a comprehensive eye exam to check vision prescription and eye health, and then a contact lens evaluation.

What is a Contact Lens Fitting?

When you’re selecting contact lenses, it’s important to choose a proper fit, otherwise, you may experience blurry vision, discomfort, and in some cases, even the eye can be damaged. Our specialists will conduct a precise contact lens fitting that includes several measurements:

  • With a keratometer, the eye doctor will take measurements of the curvature of the cornea of your eye. Some patients may require more detailed measurement of the cornea with a special device called corneal topography.
  • With a biomicroscope, the doctor will measure the pupil or iris size (it is the colored area of the eye). This is an important measurement for those people who need specialized contacts, for example, GP lenses.
  • Visual tasks that require your eyes to be tensed a lot
  • The eye doctor will measure a tear film evaluation dripping a drop of liquid dye on the eye and then defining how much moisture is produced. Insufficient tear production

After all the needed measurements, our consultant will teach you how to put on the contact lenses and take them out. You will also be provided with clear and detailed hygiene instructions about how to care for lenses and how to store them.

Our Advantages

Wearing contact lenses is a question that should be considered with a professional eye doctor before wearing. Our qualified and experienced specialists are ready to conduct contact lens fitting to choose the right pair of lenses for your eyes. These are the main advantages our clients get:

  • Our store has the most skilled specialists in ophthalmology who conduct precise and detailed contact lens examinations
  • We use the latest technology and precision instruments to measure all the needed parameters of your eyes
  • Our professionals will help to select the most convenient contacts following your lifestyle and prescriptions depending on your eye health and wearing schedule
  • Your health is our priority number one, and we have an individual approach to every client to choose the most suitable and comfortable lenses for a clear vision
  • In our optical store, we have a wide assortment of various contact lenses from leading brands