Zeiss® Sunglass Lenses

Certified Distributor of Premium-Quality Sunglass Lenses in Manhattan, New York

Fashionable UV Protection for All Outdoor Activities

For many people, sunglasses are more than a mere fashion accessory. A good pair of sunglass lenses is important for many reasons. Expert studies suggest that high-quality sunglass lenses significantly reduce the number of UV rays (including UVA and especially UVB) that can cause eye damage and cataracts over time. When buying sunglasses, make sure that they provide 100 percent UV protection from all kinds of UV light. ZEISS sunglass lenses are the ultimate choice for every activity you engage in. First and foremost, they offer exceptional quality and outstanding UV protection. Second, they provide excellent color contrast, improving your vision in bright sunshine and glare as well as in diffuse lighting conditions. Enjoy superb vision and 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation with fashionable, versatile, and high-performing ZEISS sunglass lenses!

Urban, Drive or Active: which type are you?

Better vision means more quality of life. That’s why ZEISS is the go-to name when it comes to reliable UV protection. There’s no doubt that ZEISS sunglass lenses are the best way to see clearly and feel comfortable, no matter what you’re doing. To protect your eyes in the best possible way, all ZEISS sunglass lenses fall into three categories: Urban, Drive, and Active. Whether you have prescription lenses or not, ZEISS provides a comprehensive range of individualized sunglass lenses for everyone. Pick the perfect pair for your needs and get the most of your sunglasses.

ZEISS Urban Lens – the Ultimate Solution for the City

No need to compromise between style and safety! Dedicated to all the fashionable sunglasses wearers, the ZEISS Urban range is characterized by a wide scope of tints (solid, gradient, and double-gradient) and individual style. In other words, this type is the perfect combination of fashion, comfort, and sunglass-level UV protection for every taste, look, and occasion. ZEISS Urban lenses come in a rich choice of eye-catching colors for medium to bright light and attractive designs. In addition to standard mirror coatings, ZEISS lenses are available in 8 Mirror coatings and 5 DuraVision Flash colors. Living in the city, we’re constantly moving between indoor and outdoor spaces. Thanks to the brand’s revolutionary PhotoFusion technology, ZEISS lenses are the ideal solution for today’s on-the-go lifestyle. They darken in 15-30 seconds and fade back in 3-8 minutes, which is up to 2.5 times faster than the brand’s latest generation gray.

ZEISS Lenses for Drivers

Appropriate light and glare protection are a must for a safe and enjoyable ride. With a set of ZEISS Drive lenses, you’ll feel safe and exceptionally comfortable in challenging light conditions. Sun lens options available in the Drive collection include ZEISS Skylet Road, ZEISS Polarized Skylet Road, and ZEISS Polarized lenses. ZEISS Drive is the perfect choice for medium to high light intensity levels.

ZEISS Skylet Road lenses are specially designed for situations where greater protection against UV light and glare is necessary. They are also perfect for conditions where high levels of contrast are required.

The benefits of ZEISS Polarized Skylet Road lenses include a polarising filter against irritating reflections combined with contrast-enhancing Skylet® tinting.

ZEISS Polarized lenses are designed for increased visibility and more contrast. The special coating of these lenses reduces irritating reflected light (especially on shiny and wet surfaces), while improving contrast and color perception. The result: fewer irritating reflections on the lens and clear vision even in bright sunlight. In addition, ZEISS Polarized lenses offer maximum protection against potentially harmful UV light.

ZEISS Active Lenses – Unlimited Vision for All Your Outdoor Activities and Challenges

Enjoy extremely clear vision up to the edges of the lens! Whether you enjoy skiing, biking, or working in your garden, ZEISS Active lenses are the ideal choice for people with an active lifestyle. Sporty, durable, and fashionable, they feature 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation, ensuring exceptional comfort and providing all-round clarity and excellent dynamic vision. ZEISS Active lenses are available in several functional tints suitable for specific activities and for extreme light. Individualized to accommodate your favorite hobby or sport, these lenses are also available with an optional olive green, intensive blue, red, and silver mirror coating.