Zeiss® Progressive Lenses

Authorized Distributor of ZEISS Progressive Lens in New York


Tailor-Made Progressive Eyeglass Lens from ZEISS

All-Around Clear Vision

Enjoy a perfect vision with high-performance progressive lenses from ZEISS that are precisely fitted to the wearer. The incredible selection of lens designs enables your optician to produce a pair of progressive glasses optimized for your specific vision needs, facial features, your lifestyle and carrier. The innovative computer technology assists in measuring visual performance and fitting the lenses to the wearers’ frames. Individual and one-of-a kind, these spectacle lenses ensure greater wearer tolerance, faster adaptation and all-around clear vision. The near, intermediate and distance zones are all incorporated into one lens with smooth transitions.

Fast Adaptation Period for Optimum Vision

To create top-quality progressive lenses featuring fast adaptation period, ZEISS utilizes a vast array of factors, such as state-of-the-art optical technologies and wearer data. As a result, you get perfectly adjusted progressive lenses with outstanding wearer tolerance. In addition, they are aesthetically thin and exceptionally light, so you'll barely notice you're wearing these champions at all. No matter if you already have experienced wearing progressive glasses or are wearing them for the first time: a pair of ZEISS progressive spectacles tailor-made for you is your best choice for high-quality, natural vision at all distances.

Smooth, Perfect Vision at All Distances

All progressive lenses from ZEISS are equipped with Precision Technology to provide the wearer with clear vision immediately whenever they shift their eyes. Each pair of lenses features a complex and comfortable design, based on three pillars: Clear Optics – an optimum vision over the entire surfaces of the lens; Dynamic Optics – a larger viewing range and improved potential for 3D vision; and Thin Optics –a perfect balance between precise optics and thin, light lenses. As a result, ZEISS progressive lenses provide comfortable and clear vision, enabling the wearer to focus quickly at any distance and in any direction.

Seeing Digital. Progressive Lenses for a Modern World

In the era of digitalization, our eyes face different challenges: smartphones and tablets require a smaller reading distance than books or other print media, leading to frequent and fast refocusing: from near to far and vice-versa – e.g. from a smartphone to a newspaper and back again. This switching strains your eyes every day and can result in burning eyes, headaches or neck pain. Progressive lenses from ZEISS incorporate changes to your visual behavior through a specially optimized near zone. Made utilizing Digital Inside® Technology, ZEISS progressive lenses ensure smooth switching between various viewing distances, giving the wearer comfortable vision over the long term.

Perfect Lenses for Any Frame Style

Fashion trends are unpredictable and change quickly. If you belong to those wearers who like to buy a fresh, fashionable pair of frames each new season, these progressive lenses from ZEISS are just what you need! Featuring the cutting-edge Precision Plus, Adaptation Control and FrameFit®+ Technologies, the lens allows the wearer to lower their eyes to see through the near zone just like on their previous pair of frames, making an adaptation period unnecessary and guaranteeing the best-possible wearer tolerance. This holds true not only if you require new frames, but even a new prescription. Enjoy a vast selection of eyeglass frames – ranging from classic to irregular models. Even with the most exotic shapes, your ZEISS optician will adjust the new progressive lenses to accommodate your visual habits so that there is no adaptation period.

Progressive Lenses with Sun Protection. The Summer Dream Team.

No more compromises! Every pair of prescription glasses can be easily transformed into a pair of sunglasses of your choice, featuring unbeatable UV protection and providing you with a perfect vision in one lens. Additionally, these lenses can boast of improved contrast perception, less glare and an anti-reflective coating. Their minimal weight and superior durability provides more safety and comfort to the wearer, making them the perfect companion for any outdoor activities, from jogging and hiking to riding and city trips.