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High-Performance Office Eyeglass Lens from ZEISS

Comfortable, Crisp Vision on the Job

To enjoy comfortable vision on the job, you need highly reliable eyeglass lensesspecially optimized for the office and computer screen. The ZEISS Officelens is guaranteed to make the average working day easier and more comfortable on your eyes. These premium-quality optical lenses help prevent visual stress: they are customized for your particular vision needs while on the job and are – unlike progressive or reading lenses – optimized for all required distances while working in front of a computer screen. Concentrate and work without tiring your eyes by wearing Office Lenses from ZEISS!

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Easy Personalization to Preferred Working Distances

ZEISS Officelens offer crisp and relaxed vision from near reading distances to intermediate range and are adapted to wearers’ requirements on the job, right down to the very last centimeter. They are optimized e.g. for the viewing distance between you and your computer screen, the distance to the customer or a co-worker or the perfect distance for reading, allowing your eyes to relax and ensuring a more suitable posture. That is why the ZEISS Officelens is a perfect choice for those people who spend many hours in front of their screens.

Tailored to Your Job and Your Eyes

Enjoy optimum vision in the office – and not just when sitting at your computer. ZEISS Officelens portfolio allows easy personalization to preferred working distances. There are three different office lens designs to provide relaxed and clear vision for near and intermediate vision: ZEISS Officelens Book: Widest fields of clear vision out to 3 feet (100cm). ZEISS Officelens Desk: Wide fields of view out to 7 feet (200 cm). ZEISS Officelens Room: For indoor or closer-range outdoor activities out to 14 feet (400 cm). Depending on the job, our eyes must master very different challenges. Generally, a distinction is made between the following three types of work situations.

ZEISS Officelens Book – perfect lenses for editors, tax advisors, architects and other people who primarily read documents at work. The lens design provides a greater focus on the reading area with a maximum visual distance of 3 feet. The wider distance area provides the wearer with significantly greater comfort while reading – unlike conventional reading glasses that are usually optimized for only 15-20 inches.

ZEISS Officelens Desk – perfect solution for programmers, journalists, writers, call center employees and other people who primarily switch their focus from the keyboard to the screen. These lenses offer clear, natural vision ranging from a reading distance all the way to a distance of maximum 7 feet – that’s ideal for the office environment.

ZEISS Officelens Room – perfect solution for those people who often have face-to-face contact with customers, repeatedly stand up and move away from their workstation and also work at a computer. These lenses feature the optimum design that provides natural vision that extends from the reading zone all the way to the maximum distance of 14 feet.

Why Reading and Progressive Lenses Aren't Always an Effective Replacement

Prescription glasses with standard progressive or reading lenses are not good enough for working at the computer since the relevant areas of the lens are not optimized for office work. Reading glasses, for example, only enable optimum vision for a short distance – too short for working at the computer or looking at your desk. With progressive lenses, however, the wearer looks at the monitor through the lower area of the lens and must tilt their head upwards in order to see the screen clearly. Both types of lenses promote an unnatural posture while sitting, potentially causing back problems, headaches and signs of fatigue.

Seeing Digital. Eyeglass Lenses for Working in Modern World

ZEISS lenses are crafted utilizing the latest optical techniques to ensure relaxed and sharper vision when being at work. The ZEISS Officelens feature the innovative Digital Inside® Technology, a specially optimized near zone that enables fast, comfortable focusing – such as when switching your gaze from your mobile phone to the computer screen and back again. These lenses not only provide you with stress-free, clear vision when using digital devices, they are also perfect for reading books and magazines. They help prevent uncomfortable head and body posture, give your eyes a break and reduce digital eye strain.