Zeiss® Energizeme Spectacle Lens

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High-Performance Spectacle Lens from ZEISS

The First Eyeglass Lenses Developed for Contact Lens Wearers

With contribution to technological progress for over 170 years, ZEISS is one of the global leaders in the field of optics and optoelectronics. ZEISS eyeglass lenses have been well-known around the globe for their visual experience and technology. They are perfectly personalized for every visual need, providing clear and sharp vision in the digital world, while also delivering exceptional wearing comfort. ZEISS EnergizeMe eyeglass lenses are the first lenses exclusively developed with those customers in mind who wear contact lenses and live an active life. All contact lenses restrict the oxygen to the surface of the eye, which results in eye fatigue over time. By the way, wearing contact lenses longer than prescribed increases irritation of the eyes. EnergizeMe lenses are designed to help tired eyes after taking out contact lenses and help you enjoy your day with clear, sharp vision.

Enjoy a Refreshing After Contact Lens Time

Computers and other digital devices have become part of reality for many of us. However, heavy use of a smartphone or tablet (especially if you wear contact lenses for an extended period) causes more eye fatigue, aka contact lens discomfort. As a rule, contact lens wearers switch to conventional lenses for relief; however, such lenses can’t provide the needed level of refreshment and comfort for today's busy eyes. Fortunately, ZEISS has developed the first eyeglass lenses that will surely meet the needs of today’s contact lens wearers of all ages and lifestyles.

The Benefits of ZEISS EnergizeMe Lenses

ZEISS EnergizeMe is the unique spectacle lens solution for everybody who wears contact lenses more than 3-5 days a week and wants to refresh their tired eyes.

The specific design of ZEISS EnergizeMe lenses allows for easy transition to spectacle lenses with an uncompromised field of vision, making your eyes ready for whatever comes next.

Furthermore, the revolutionary Digital Inside Technology helps to relax the ciliary muscle of the eyes, which contributes to a person’s ability to view objects clearly at varying distances, helping to avoid further eye strain.

Finally, the high-quality DuraVision BlueProtect coating reduces the transmission of high-energy visible light and helps to reduce perceived digital dazzle, thus preventing further eye strain as well.

The unique design of the lenses is adapted to the specific vision patterns of those who wear contact lenses, significantly reducing eye strain every time you take out your lenses.

Excellent vision to the edge of the lens

Enables relaxed and sharper vision during frequent use of digital devices.

Helps your eyes to focus more easily, with no stress.

Applied on the front and backside of the lens, this coating helps to reduce perceived digital dazzle and protect your eyes from further strain caused by artificial light and the blue light from digital screens.

Reduces perceived digital dazzle and prevents further eye strain.

In a nutshell, this is what ZEISS EnergizeMe Lenses will do for you:

  •         Help to relax tired eyes
  •         Prevent from adding further eye strain
  •         Ensure clear and sharp vision

ZEISS EnergizeMe for All Age Groups

ZEISS EnergizeMe lenses come in three different options to accommodate the diverse needs of different age groups and ensure clear and comfortable vision day and night.

ZEISS EnergizeMe Single Vision eyeglass lenses are the perfect match for contact lens wearers in their 20s or early 30s. In other words, these lenses are optimally suited for active “digital natives” aged between 20 and 35. Featuring Digital Inside Technology and a DuraVision BlueProtect Coating, they are the ideal choice to refresh young, stressed eyes.

Contact lens wearers between 30 and 40 years old will definitely benefit from ZEISS EnergizeMe Digital lenses. Same as Single Vision lenses, they come standard with DuraVision BlueProtect and Digital Inside Technology for comfortable and relaxed vision.

If you’re 40 and up, and you wear progressive or multifocal contact lenses, ZEISS EnergizeMe Progressive lenses are the best bet. They also boast DuraVision BlueProtect and Digital Inside Technology, which helps them ensure sharp and clear vision and make your eyes relax after a long day of wearing contact lenses.