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Innovative Computer Eyeglass Lens from ZEISS

Perfect All-Day Glasses for the Digital Lifestyle

Who would have guessed? It turns out that, on average, we look at our smartphone or other mobile device up to 80 times a day! Rapidly shifting our focus from near to far and back again poses a remarkable challenge to our eyes. Our eyes work effortlessly and adjust quickly to all distances up until a certain age. Unfortunately, our eyes undergo a steady deterioration in their ability to “accommodate” – to switch focus between different distances – starting when we’re around 30 years old. This often goes unnoticed. This is where the Digital Lenses from ZEISS can become a remedy to digital eye strain. Focused on modern, urban lifestyles, ZEISS Digital Lens will provide you with a totally new view of your smartphone, tablet or TV.

Digital Eye Strain Symptoms

The constant use of digital mobile devices is challenging on the human eye. In addition to reading phones or tablets at close distance for several hours a day, the switching back and forth between near and far vision zones has increased considerably. This can lead to symptoms of Digital Eye Strain, which is nowadays very widespread, with the largest number of complaints coming from people well below presbyopic age. So, if you often suffer from headaches or neck strain, feel tired or dry eyes, or experience blurred vision and fatigue, it’s time to choose a pair of premium-quality Digital Lenses from ZEISS.

Tired eyes
A stiff neck

Relaxed, Comfortable Vision with ZEISS Digital Lenses

ZEISS Digital Lens is sharply focused on the use of digital devices such as e-readers or smartphones. Special optimization of the near zone takes into account the typical movements of the eyes and shorter reading distance required by these devices. This design optimally supports the ciliary muscle, therefore making it easier for the wearer to focus their vision in the near and distance ranges. Crafted from high-quality materials utilizing precise technology, ZEISS Digital lenses are as thin and light as possible – even with a high prescription. This ensures maximum wearer comfort with only minimum weight. That is why, ZEISS Digital Lenses are an ideal solution for all-day use – and not only for digital devices, but also for reading books and magazines. Your eyes will certainly thank you for it..

The Right Solution for Everyone

ZEISS Digital Lens helps reduce the stress and strain caused by the constant use of smartphones and other digital devices by supporting the ciliary muscle's work in the inner eye. They excel by covering a broad range of distance vision and offer targeted support for the eye when looking at digital devices. You can wear ZEISS Digital Lens the entire day, and they are suitable for first-time and long-time eyeglass wearers.

By choosing ZEISS Digital Lenses,
you get:

  • fast and comfortable focusing with a specially optimized near zone – no matter where you look;
  • relaxed and fresh eyes all day, even after a long day at work with your smartphone or tablet;
  • stress-free vision, even when you always have to rapidly shift your focus from near to far and back again;
  • excellent wearer tolerance – and you also have the same 100% ZEISS tolerance-guarantee.