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ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses: The Next Level of Blue Light Protection

While earlier solutions, such as the ZEISS BlueProtect coating, achieved blue light blocking by applying an additional layer to the lenses, BlueGuard® by ZEISS redefines the approach. Here, the ability to block blue light is seamlessly integrated into the very chemical structure of the lens material. This intrinsic incorporation not only defends against potentially harmful solar blue light but also effectively filters out the vexing digital blue light that could strain eyes. 

Ensure your visual experience both comfort and style without the annoyance of blue-purple reflections on blue light glasses. ZEISS BlueGuard cutting-edge blue light blocking lenses not only shield against potentially harmful blue light but also offer complete UV protection. This is especially beneficial for individuals who spend extended periods working on computers or frequently engage with digital devices. With ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses, it's possible to get maximum comfort, aesthetics, and protection. Suitable for all ages, these lenses are must-have for people who care about their eye health. With BlueGuard®, ZEISS has elevated blue light protection to an entirely new level, ensuring enhanced visual health and clarity.

Exposure to Blue Light Rises - Irrespective of Age

In 2020, studies revealed that individuals across all age groups now spend over an hour on digital devices daily. This is compounded by spending another hour under LED lighting, which emits blue light. The ubiquity of digital screens and LED lighting has led to an increase in blue light exposure for people of all ages. This surge in artificial blue light, combined with the natural sunlight, underscores the importance of protecting your eyes. ZEISS BlueGuard lenses provide a reliable shield against these potentially harmful rays, while also offering top-notch UV protection. Experience the comfort of clear vision with these advanced lenses.

How Do Blue Light Blocking Lenses Function?

A portion of sunlight falls within the blue spectrum. Additionally, most modern digital devices and LED bulbs emit blue light. Since the human eye can't naturally filter out visible blue light, excessive exposure can lead to perceived eyestrain and blurred vision. Blue light blocking glasses are designed to filter out the potentially harmful and irritating part of the blue light spectrum.

Do You Require Special Computer Lenses?

Often, people are unaware of just how frequently they gaze at screens throughout the day. In reality, they are constantly surrounded by sources of light that emit an excessive amount of blue light. When this blue light enters the eye, it tends to scatter throughout the vitreous humor, resulting in what is known as "visual noise."

This might be experienced as uncomfortable glare and a diminished perception of contrast. Moreover, blue light induces longitudinal aberrations that can lead to fuzzy imagery. This lack of focus, or "visual noise," can contribute to visual discomfort and symptoms commonly associated with digital eye strain.

Typical symptoms of digital eye strain (DES) encompass:

  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry or burning eyes
What is the Impact of Blue Light on Sleep?

Blue light significantly impacts our sleep patterns. This is due to the presence of blue light waves in the visible light spectrum, which play a crucial role in keeping us awake and alert during the day.

As the sun sets and light diminishes, the body receives signals to produce melatonin. This hormone is responsible for inducing drowsiness and facilitating sleep. However, exposure to blue light from devices like smartphones or laptops can disrupt the natural release of melatonin. To mitigate this issue, people now have the option to use high-quality blue light blocking lenses. They effectively filter out the specific portion of the blue light spectrum responsible for these disruptions.

What Sets ZEISS BlueGuard Blue Light Blocking Lenses Apart?
  • Possess inherent blue light blocking properties integrated into their chemical composition. 
  • Obstruct up to 40% of potentially detrimental and bothersome blue light.
  • Incorporate UVProtect Technology, ensuring comprehensive UV protection up to 400 nm.