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Correct Your Vision With Varilux

Varilux® lenses are designed for achieving clear and smooth vision across all distances, enabling you to delve into every intricacy of your surroundings. Don't feel limited; choose Varilux® lenses to venture beyond your expectations.

Clear eyesight

For every distance, during any activity

Smooth progression

From close to distant and everything in between

Expansive visual perspective

For a delightful experience of your surroundings

Consistent vision during movement

Enabling quicker adjustment with minimal distortions

As you approach your forties, you may encounter challenges focusing on nearby objects or reading in low light - this natural aging process is known as presbyopia. Varilux® progressive lenses cater to individuals aged 40 and above, ensuring clear vision at all distances and effortless transitions from close to far.

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Experience boundless vision with Varilux

Correct your vision with progressive Varilux lenses by Essilor which achieve instant sharpness mastery.


Discover the Varilux Lens Distinction

Varilux® lenses pioneered progressive lens technology in 1959, and since then, we have consistently strived to customize our lenses to match your unique needs, your eyes, and your lifestyle..

Extremely customized

Customized specifically for you, offering an extensive range of up to 13 billion potential combinations

Continuous innovation

Varilux® lenses boast exclusive technology with a remarkable 30 patents in a single lens, showcasing a commitment to constant innovation


Varilux® lenses undergo rigorous testing by over 12,000 individuals since 1978

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Which Varilux lenses suit my needs best?

Does your lifestyle require clear vision at all times?

Your lenses should adapt to your behavior, not the other way around. Experience instant sharpness, even in motion, with Varilux® XR series™ lenses, enhanced with behavioral artificial intelligence.

Are you trying progressive lenses for the first time?

Selecting the right initial pair of progressive lenses is crucial. With Varilux® Comfort Max, enjoy effortless adaptation and day-long visual comfort.

Are you facing challenges with your progressive lenses?

If your current progressive lenses are uncomfortable and you need them more than ever, Varilux Physio 3.0 ensures effortless vision in all your activities, even in low-light conditions.