Silhouette® Eyewear

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      Silhouette® Tma Style Edition Cosmic Blue TMA STYLE EDITION COSMIC BLUE 5541 4945 - 5541 Cosmic Blue Sunglasses
      Silhouette® Tma Style Edition Cosmic Blue
      Silhouette® Star Island STAR ISLAND 8183 3530 - 3530 Rosegold Lilac Sunglasses
      Silhouette® Star Island FISHER ISLAND 8182 8540 - 8540 Champagne / Olive Sunglasses
      Silhouette® Star Island
      Silhouette® Sant Marti SANT MARTI 8187 2540 - 2540 Russet Orange Sunglasses
      Silhouette® Sant Marti SANT MARTI 8187 6500 - 6500 Graphite / Silver Sunglasses
      Silhouette® Sant Marti
      Silhouette® Pure Wave PURE WAVE 2955 6510 - 7530 Grey Loden Eyeglasses
      Silhouette® Pure Wave PURE WAVE 2955 9060 - 7530 Black Cotton Eyeglasses
      Silhouette® Pure Wave
      Silhouette® Ribera RIBERA 8188 4040 - 4040 Jiggle Berry Sunglasses
      Silhouette® Ribera RIBERA 8188 5040 - 5040 Tonic Agave Sunglasses
      Silhouette® Ribera
      Silhouette® Fuschl FUSCHL 4079 6040 - 6040 Hazel Ivory Sunglasses
      Silhouette® Fuschl
      Silhouette® Illusion Lite ILLUSION LITE 2948 9210 - 7530 Black Switch Eyeglasses
      Silhouette® Illusion Lite ILLUSION LITE 2948 9240 - 7530 Jiggle Midnight Eyeglasses
      Silhouette® Illusion Lite
      Silhouette® Illusion ILLUSION 5560 7530 - 7530 Mango Spoom Eyeglasses
      Silhouette® Illusion ILLUSION 5560 6560 - 6560 Clusia Spoom Eyeglasses
      Silhouette® Illusion
      Silhouette® Sarria SARRIA 8189 3530 - 3530 Rosegold Lilac Sunglasses
      Silhouette® Sarria SARRIA 8189 7630 - 7630 Gold / Black Sunglasses
      Silhouette® Sarria
      Silhouette® The Wave THE WAVE DO 3040 - 7530 Cassis Red Eyeglasses
      Silhouette® The Wave
      Silhouette® Titan Next Generation FE TITAN NEXT GENERATION FE 7530 - 7530 Mango Spoom Eyeglasses
      Silhouette® Titan Next Generation FE TITAN NEXT GENERATION FE 9040 - 9040 Black Buffalo
      Silhouette® Titan Next Generation FE
      Silhouette® New York Sky NEW YORK SKY 8733 7000 - 7000 Lavender Spoom Eyeglasses
      Silhouette® New York Sky
      Silhouette® New York Sky
      Silhouette® Purist PURIST LI 9040 - 9040 Black Buffalo Eyeglasses
      Silhouette® Purist
      Silhouette® Lite Spirit LITE SPIRIT 2926 9020 - 7530 Black shiny / Gold Eyeglasses
      Silhouette® Lite Spirit LITE SPIRIT 2926 6510 - 7530 Grey Loden Eyeglasses
      Silhouette® Lite Spirit
      Silhouette® Midtown MIDTOWN 4080 5510 - 5510 Khaki Gradient Sunglasses
      Silhouette® Midtown

      When it comes to eyewear with a modern and fashionable edge, look no further than Silhouette Eyewear. This Austrian brand has quickly become one of the top names in high-end and luxury eyewear, offering a huge selection of stunning optical frames and sunglasses for both men and women. Since its foundation in 1964, Silhouette has always succeeded in creating unique eyepieces with sophisticated aesthetics. By combining premium-quality materials and traditional know-how, the brand creates timeless eyewear designs that also meet the spirit of the modern age. From classic frames that will never go out of style to innovative futuristic designs, all Silhouette glasses have limitless options in terms of shape and color.

      One of the features that really sets Silhouette eyewear apart is their use of advanced technology for both their frames and lenses. The brand stands for absolute precision, innovation and continually draws on its extensive technical expertise to create premium-quality glasses from selected materials. Crafted from the Silhouette’s patented SPX®+ material, high-tech titanium and top-grade acetate, the frames are incredibly lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic and fashionable. The glasses are also cleverly designed without screws for maximum durability and zero maintenance. Silhouette also offers a range of beautiful 23-carat gold-plated frames for real eyewear fashionistas.


      The Silhouette glasses are a perfect combination of a trendy design and timeless elegance. Sleek minimalist styles and beautiful flowing lines are the hallmarks of Silhouette eyewear. Each pair of sunglasses is crafted using the latest eyewear technology. Not only are they exceptionally light, they also guarantee ultimate UV protection. The premium sunglasses feature the Silhouette Light Management® technology that protects the wearer’s eyes from harmful blue light in the 400 to 500 nanometer (nm) range. In its turn, the special coatings on the lenses such as Super AR coating minimizes reflections from entering the lens surface whilst maintaining visibility with no blurring effects.

      When it comes to prescription glasses, Silhouette is the perfect choice for customers who set the bar high for quality and design. Synonymous with top-quality craftsmanship, the brand creates outstanding eyeglasses that are extremely comfortable to wear and fit perfectly, every time. The amazing choice of men’s and women’s optical frames, from elegant rimless models to bold futuristic styles, means fashion-conscious customers never have to compromise on style. We, at EuroOptica, guarantee that there is something to suit every taste and requirement among our Silhouette’s collection of models, lens shapes, frame styles and colors. Visit our exclusive eyewear store to find the right glasses for you.


      Silhouette was founded in 1964, by Arnold and Anneliese Schmied in Linz, Austria. The brand has since built a reputation for producing some of the world’s most refined and high-tech eyewear. Initially a maker of small parts for eyeglasses, Silhouette gradually began to produce their own frames in the late 1970s, starting with a simple yet elegant rimless model called the Futura. This iconic frame design propelled Silhouette into the international arena. In the early 1980s, the brand began to innovate with the use of high-tech materials such as titanium, which led to the creation of the Titan Minimal Art Collection in 1999, the lightest rimless eyeglasses in the world at that time.

      This remarkable design, combined with Silhouette’s innovative production techniques, earned the brand a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The manufacturer has since continued to push boundaries, developing a cutting-edge hinge-less design in 2003 called the SPX Illusion Eyewear. In 2014, the brand celebrated 50 years of revolutionary work in the industry. Today, Silhouette is a truly global label, selling innovative and luxury eyepieces to over 100 countries around the world. It is renowned for its commitment to innovation, impeccable craftsmanship, and unparalleled attention to detail – making it a true industry leader and a favorite among discerning eyewear enthusiasts.


      Silhouette has produced a lot of exclusive eyewear collections over the years, with each range reflecting the brand's innovative design, commitment to excellence, and use of high-quality materials. Among the most popular Silhouette collections is the Titan Minimal Art launched in 1999. It offers frames with minimalistic design and ultra-lightweight titanium construction. These rimless glasses have no screws, hinges, or rim and give the appearance of wearing nothing at all. Introduced in 2003 SPX Illusion Collection includes frames made from an innovative, high-performance plastic that offers maximum flexibility and comfort. They perfectly combine sleek, modernist style with a rugged, outdoorsy look.

      Especially designed for those looking not just for a pair of glasses but rather for an understated masterpiece, the Silhouette Elegance Collection is the perfect choice! The range includes stunning eyewear designs with a modern minimalistic aesthetic, made in Austria using the finest materials. Each frame within the collection is finished with 23-karat gold for a look that is unmistakably Silhouette. The amazing mix of shimmering and matte surfaces results in a unique visual effect. The Atelier is another luxury series by Silhouette that offers one-of-a-kind glasses available in 18-karat solid gold with fine hand-set gemstones. These frames offer the best of both worlds: innovative technologies meet fine craftsmanship.