Shamir Autograph II Office™ Lenses

Highly-Efficient Work Lens in Manhattan, New York


Vision Specialized For Any Profession

Minimum Fitting Heights:16mm lower & 10mm upper


Unique Power Profile For Clearer Vision

EyePoint Technology™

Sophisticated Progressive Lens Surface

What can be better than a great, extremely productive day at work? A great day at work with a pair of Shamir Autograph II – Office™ lenses. This top-grade progressive lens packs an extra punch, guaranteed to conquer work’s most difficult tasks. The Shamir Autograph II – Office™ spectacle lenses are designed to maximize the wearer’s experience by providing them a personalized Dynamic Power based on the additional measurements taken. The lens caters to every moment and aspect of the wearer’s work day, ensuring that they experience the most refined, personalized vision.

Precise Power Control for Clear Vision

The Shamir Autograph II – Office™ is made by utilizing the cutting-edge IntelliCorridor® technology that optimizes the power in specific areas and customizes lenses to the patient’s vision requirements. The technology allows precise power control over power profiles implemented along the eye’s visual path across a progressive lens’ vertical meridian, or corridor. This makes the Shamir Autograph II – Office™ lenses perfect for everyday tasks, such as reading, using computers or performing other office or hobby activities. So, whether you’re a hairdresser, jeweler, graphic designer, chemist or tailor, these advanced work lenses will fit the bill!

Groundbreaking Ophthalmic Lens Technologies

To create the most exquisite progressive lens surfaces, Shamir invests heavily in research and development. The Shamir Autograph II – Office™ lenses feature the patented Eye-point Technology™ that simulates the human eye in every angle, prescription, and field of vision. It can imitate exactly how an eye will see through the lens and then calculate the optical performance of thousands of locations covering the lens surface, taking into account dozens of different parameters, from lens index refraction and pantoscopic tilt of the frame to thickness reduction prism and lens center thickness. As a result, you get high-performance, precisely personalized progressive lenses that provide clear, comfortable vision for eyeglass wearers with any prescription and frame choice.

Who it’s for

The Shamir Autograph II – Office™ is designed for anyone who wears progressive lenses and spends the majority of their time at their workstation or enjoying hobbies like woodworking, sewing, homebrewing, or gardening.

By choosing Shamir Autograph II Office™, you get:

  • Ideal progressive lenses for work or hobbies
  • Near and intermediate zone vision improvement
  • Personalized Dynamic Power
  • Incorporated patient’s work environment
  • Up to date prescription designs with latest optical technologies
  • Personalized lenses that fit both the wearer and their work station