Shamir anti-reflective coatings in Manhattan, New York



Let people see your expression – not their reflection!

Understanding someone's thoughts and feelings often begins with eye contact. Whether in person or via video chat, clear vision is essential for genuine interaction. Shamir Glacier Expression™ anti-reflective coating ensures that your eyes, not distracting reflections, are the focus. This innovative lens coating from Shamir not only gives you clear, detailed vision, but also eliminates screen glare, making your expressions visible and your communication more effective. Say goodbye to unwanted reflections and hello to meaningful eye contact with Shamir Glacier Expression™, available at EuroOptica, NYC.


New Anti-Reflective Coating for True Self-Expression

Screen glare and light reflections can blind your eyes and reduce visual clarity. Shamir Glacier Expression eliminates these problems so you can look your best, see clearly, and feel confident.

Experience enhanced visual clarity and let your true self shine through with Shamir Glacier Expression™, now available at EuroOptica, NYC.


Experience Superior Vision with Enhanced Contrast Sensitivity

Sharper vision can lead to faster response times and a safer, more comfortable viewing experience.

Enjoy the clearest, sharpest vision possible with Shamir's advanced optical solutions. This cutting-edge technology offers a 25% improvement in contrast sensitivity, enhancing the wearer's ability to see detail and react quickly. This superior contrast sensitivity not only improves everyday vision, but also enhances nighttime driving by providing clearer, more detailed vision.


Enjoy More Comfortable Vision with Shamir Glacier Expression™

Say goodbye to visual clutter with Shamir Glacier Expression™ lens coating. This advanced technology reduces visual background noise and improves signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), allowing the wearer to see more clearly and comfortably.

A higher SNR means less eye strain and fatigue, making the visual experience more relaxed and enjoyable. Upgrade to Shamir Glacier Expression™ for a clearer, more comfortable view of the world.

Rich, multi-layered Properties

Shamir Glacier Expression goes beyond standard premium lenses with its rich, multi-layer properties. These additional layers not only enhance optical performance, but also improve the overall look of your eyewear.

Shamir Glacier Expression™ offers extra UV protection through both the coating and the lens material itself. This advanced protection blocks harmful UV rays from direct sunlight and light reflected from the back of the lens, providing total UV protection in all lens indices. Enjoy clearer vision and better eye protection with Shamir Glacier Expression.

Powered by Layercalc™ Technology

Shamir Glacier Expression features a multi-layer lens design using advanced LayerCalc technology. Each precisely calculated optical layer has a different refractive index to control different wavelengths of light. This meticulous process enhances the overall performance of the coating. Thanks to LayerCalc and SNR analysis, Glacier Expression delivers exceptional optical performance by minimizing surface reflection and maximizing light transmission. The result is clearer vision, enhanced comfort, and improved aesthetics that help you look and see your best.

At EuroOptica, we are committed to providing our customers with the best in eyewear technology. By offering Shamir Glacier Expression™ and other Shamir products, we ensure that you receive eyewear that not only looks great, but also enhances your vision and protects your eyes. Visit one of our two convenient locations at 280 Columbus Ave (UWS) and 1249 3rd Ave (UES) to explore our range of Shamir optical solutions and experience the difference that innovative technology can make in your daily life.

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