Sama® Eyewear

Certified Retailer of Luxury Sama Eyewear in Manhattan, New York


      Sama® ZUMA SAM Brown/Red 63 - Brown/Red Sunglasses
      Sama® ZUMA SAM Brushed Silver 63 - Brushed Silver Sunglasses
      Sama® ZUMA
      Sama® WILDSIDE SAM Abalone 62 - Abalone Sunglasses
      Sama® WILDSIDE SAM Ivy 62 - Ivy Sunglasses
      Sama® WILDSIDE
      Sama® WHISPER SAM Black 54 - Black Sunglasses
      Sama® WHISPER SAM Black/Ink 54 - Black/Ink Sunglasses
      Sama® WHISPER
      Sama® WFD SAM Gold Azalea 60 - Gold Azalea Sunglasses
      Sama® WFD SAM Gold Black 60 - Gold Black Sunglasses
      Sama® WFD
      Sama® TOUT LES TEMPS SAM Platinum/18k 59 - Platinum/18k Sunglasses
      Sama® TOUT LES TEMPS SAM Platinum 59 - Platinum Sunglasses
      Sama® TOUT LES TEMPS
      Sama® TIMES SAM Black 54 - Black Sunglasses
      Sama® TIMES SAM Black/Matte Tortoise 54 - Black/Matte Tortoise Sunglasses
      Sama® TIMES
      Sama® SYD SAM Oyster 60 - Oyster Sunglasses
      Sama® SYD SAM Platinum 60 - Platinum Sunglasses
      Sama® SYD
      Sama® STARDUST SAM Sea Blue 61 - Sea Blue Sunglasses
      Sama® STARDUST SAM Gold Grey Gradient 61 - Gold Grey Gradient Sunglasses
      Sama® STARDUST
      Sama® SOPHIA 2 SAM Dandelion 55 - Dandelion Sunglasses
      Sama® SOPHIA 2 SAM Viridian 55 - Viridian Sunglasses
      Sama® SOPHIA 2
      Sama® SO SAM Black/Blue 63 - Black/Blue Sunglasses
      Sama® SO SAM Black/Yellow 63 - Black/Yellow Sunglasses
      Sama® SO
      Sama® SHH SAM Black/Blue 58 - Black/Blue Sunglasses
      Sama® SHH SAM Black/Yellow 58 - Black/Yellow Sunglasses
      Sama® SHH
      Sama® SHADOW SAM Black 55 - Black Sunglasses
      Sama® SHADOW SAM Brown/Blue 55 - Brown/Blue Sunglasses
      Sama® SHADOW
      Sama® SEDONA SAM Blush 61 - Blush Sunglasses
      Sama® SEDONA SAM Ivory 61 - Ivory Sunglasses
      Sama® SEDONA
      Sama® SAMEDI SAM Black/Platinum 61 - Black/Platinum Sunglasses
      Sama® SAMEDI SAM Brown Gradient 61 - Brown Gradient Sunglasses
      Sama® SAMEDI
      Sama® RUMOR SAM Black 58 - Black Sunglasses
      Sama® RUMOR SAM Black/Cream 58 - Black/Cream Sunglasses
      Sama® RUMOR

      Sama is a luxury eyewear brand that has been a leader in the industry for over 20 years. Founded in Los Angeles by designer Sheila Vance, the brand is known for its high-end eyepieces, often worn by celebrities and featured in fashion magazines and films. Sama has earned the admiration of countless superstars and international jet-setters worldwide, including Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Fergie, John Legend, Justin Bieber, Brad Pitt and many more celebs. We at EuroOptica are very proud to be a certified retailer of exquisite Sama glasses in Manhattan, New York, and invite you to explore the world of luxury eyewear.

      Sama brings hope and style to the forefront, transcending despair and the ordinary. The brand's core principles are rooted in the cyclical nature of life, as reflected in the name itself, which means "...there is no beginning, no end...". The company recognizes the importance of contributing to the betterment of the community. Sama is not just another luxury fashion eyewear brand. It is a living entity with a heart for charity, a brain for technology and a soul for fashion. Internationally acclaimed designer Sheila Vance revolutionized the luxury eyewear industry over twenty years ago. To this day, Sama continues to set the standard for eyewear fashion, unmatched by any other brand on the market.


      Sama prides itself on being at the forefront of cutting-edge design and manufacturing in the optical industry. Boasting a number of firsts, including the introduction of 100% pure titanium, Sama uses only the finest materials such as Japanese zyl acetate, titanium, precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones, Swarovski® crystals, and nickel-free plating. In addition, the brand incorporates cutting-edge lens technologies such as optical glass, CR-39 plastic, photochromic, gradient, multi-gradient, polarized and gradient polarized to produce eyewear of unparalleled quality. All eyewear collections are manufactured, assembled and hand-finished in Japan, demonstrating the brand's commitment to excellence.

      At Sama, they recognize the significance of the interlinking of designers, stylists, and the wearer - a truly synergistic relationship. They set themselves apart by staying ahead of the market and continually challenging the norms with their fashion-forward eyewear brand. Today, Sama sunglasses and optical frames are available in exclusive optical boutiques in over 50 countries around the world. In addition, you can visit "Destination: Sama" locations to find their chic and stylish eyewear. What's more, as a socially responsible brand, Sama donates a portion of its annual proceeds to the Sam Vance Foundation, which has helped countless teens and young adults overcome drug addiction and rediscover life.


      Sama is a luxury eyewear brand founded in 1998 by designer Sheila Vance. The brand is known for its high-end sunglasses and prescription eyewear, handcrafted with the finest materials and innovative designs. Vance began her career working for a major eyewear manufacturer. However, she soon became disillusioned with the lack of innovation and creativity in the industry and decided to strike out on her own to create a brand that would stand out in the marketplace. She founded Sama with a mission to create eyewear that was not only functional, but also a work of art. Vance drew inspiration from her travels around the world, incorporating elements of different cultures into her designs.

      Sama quickly gained a reputation for quality craftsmanship and avant-garde design. The brand's signature styles include bold, oversized frames and intricate metal detailing that have been worn by celebrities such as Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. In addition to its innovative designs, Sama Eyewear is known for its commitment to using sustainable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. The brand uses recycled metal and biodegradable acetate in its frames, and has implemented a number of green initiatives in its manufacturing facilities. Today, Sama continues to be a leader in the luxury eyewear industry, creating outstanding designs that push the boundaries of what is possible in eyewear.


      Since its inception, Sama Eyewear has been an innovator in the world of fashion eyewear, continually introducing new technologies that have become benchmarks for other eyewear designers striving to emulate the brand's unique identity. Sama disrupts traditional eyewear manufacturing by pioneering new techniques and materials. In a world where other brands outsource to Europe, Sama made a bold move by keeping everything local, opting instead to produce its eyewear in Japan, a country known for its engineering prowess and technical ingenuity. Today, Sama eyewear is recognized for its high-quality lenses, unique metal frames, exquisite metal plating and bold decorative embellishments.

      Sama eyewear is uniquely differentiated by its world-renowned SLP, colored mirror sun and precious metal lenses, offering unparalleled style and performance. The plastic lenses are extremely lightweight and comfortable, as well as impact and scratch resistant. They offer 100% UV filtration and are available in a variety of custom colors, including: Noir, Sky, Storm and Ice. Their flat sheet beta-titanium frames and components are cut using specialized lasers that produce sharp, edge-free, non-deformed frames and components, unlike commonly used cutting presses. The 5–10 micron plating ensures rich, lasting color and durability that far exceeds industry standards. So if you are looking for a pair of luxurious, high-end frames for an avant-garde look, Sama has something for everyone.