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Fashion house Saint Laurent is a recognized symbol of Parisian haute couture. It is named after its founder, talented designer Yves Saint Laurent, who had extraordinary intuition and was excellent at predicting the development of new fashion styles. He is one of those designers who paid tribute to the beauty of the female body and brought even more seductiveness to it. Tom Ford and Stefano Pilati subsequently relied on his creative experience and captured the spirit of the brand. The company's collections combine a discreet and refined style, high-quality materials, elegance, and recognizable details. Yves Saint Laurent revolutionized the fashion world with his innovative combination of masculine and feminine, classic and avant-garde style.

Saint Laurent is synonymous with grace, born in the world of haute couture, which finds its way onto the streets of Paris and becomes the embodiment of the true spirit of the city. Love for women is the basis of style, which designer Yves Saint Laurent never tried to hide, contain or deprive of freedom. However, it is also a love for the art of the body and sensuality, which was so often a source of inspiration. The whims of life are the energy of youth, the love of life, and the rejection of any concessions and compromises that have always been inherent in the brand - it is these paradoxes that give vitality and create the image of a brand for which the freedom to be yourself, to be exceptional, and to live life to the fullest is above all.


Saint Laurent's designers very skillfully maintain a delicate balance between classics and current trends, making the products stylish and sophisticated. The eyewear collection includes both universal rectangular shapes in strict colors, as well as brighter, bolder models. All Saint Laurent sunglasses and eyeglasses are made in Italy and special attention is paid to the quality of materials and details of finishing. In the assortment of the company, there are models with thin and massive frames. In the Saint Laurent collections of optics, each buyer can find an option to their preference. The style of elegant sensuality is felt in every model of the brand. People who know a lot about fashion can be sure that the chosen frame will remain in trend for a long time because its design is versatile and practical.

Accessories from Yves Saint Laurent are timeless. The classic base, together with extravagant details and modern trends, keeps the product assortment at the peak of fashion for a long time. Brand sunglasses and eyeglasses have universal shapes, sometimes massive frames, and rich shades. All frames seem to be strewn with thousands of bright lights, from which the fire of passion, irrepressible freedom, and energy appears in the eyes. The eyewear models are produced by the well-known company Safilo, one of the world's largest manufacturers of optical products. The unique design of each piece of eyewear from the inimitable Saint Laurent makes the products dearly loved by millions of brand fans.


At the age of 17, young Yves Saint Laurent discovered the delightful world of fashion. He went to conquer Paris, where he studied at a prestigious design school at the Parisian Haute Couture Syndicate. Victories in various professional competitions, work with Christian Dior himself - the career of a young fashion designer was rapidly gaining momentum. After the death of the great couturier, at the age of 21, Yves Saint Laurent headed the Dior Fashion House. He became a worthy successor to his brilliant mentor. After a while, in 1961, he created his own eponymous fashion house.

In 1962, Saint Laurent's first line of women's clothing was released, at the presentation of which the audience praised the couturier. The fame of the young designer spread faster than sound. He saw high fashion in his own way, destroying established ideas about beauty with each new collection. In 2012, the brand was renamed to a simpler version - Saint Laurent. The fact that serious changes are coming in the policy of the fashion house was already indicated by the very fact of the appointment of Hedi Slimane to the position of creative director, who had never previously been involved in the development of women's collections.


Androgynous and elegant, this is the Saint Laurent brand we all know and love. With his simple style, clear lines, and spectacular colors, the founder of the brand, Yves Saint Laurent, entered the history of fashion. Whether it was orange combined with pink or green mixed with yellow, the old-school tailors could hardly believe it when Yves Saint Laurent transformed the rules of color theory. Avant-garde and dissident Yves Saint Laurent has revolutionized the women's wardrobe by infusing it with elements that were previously reserved for men and which further emphasize the femininity of their owners. 

Yves Saint Laurent made fashion history with his unmistakable style, characterized by simplicity, clean lines, and black accents. The iconic designer broke all the fashion rules of that time and played with female androgyny. What's also special about this brand is that incomparable genius Yves Saint Laurent was the first haute couture label to sell a cheaper line of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories in 1966. Simple elegance still characterizes the brand's philosophy and is therefore very popular. In addition to stunning collections of clothes, Saint Laurent Fashion House creates sunglasses and optical frames for men and women. These products are in extraordinary demand because they embody sophisticated but audacious French design and high Italian quality.