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      Pugnale is the perfect blend of creativity, technology and Italian craftsmanship. At its core, it's a manifestation of Italy's rich heritage of handcrafted traditions and artistry. Founded in 2013, Pugnale Eyewear remains true to its core values of passion for design, fashion, and luxury, putting it in a league of its own. The founder, Emanuele Pugnale, a design enthusiast with a deep love for glasses, has brought his mechanical know-how to the world of eyewear, transforming his dream into a unique brand. The result is innovative and distinctive optical and sunglass designs that stand out from the crowd. Each pair is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a truly unique look.

      Pugnale's mission is to revolutionize the eyewear market with its distinctive approach, creating a brand that embodies exclusivity while staying true to fashion design. The brand's innovative techniques and materials result in unparalleled excellence in Italian eyewear; industrial laminates are transformed into elegant surfaces; metals are paired with fabrics and precious materials for a chic and exclusive look. This led to a world patent in 2017, positioning Pugnale as a global trendsetting luxury eyewear brand. Their unique know-how and approach fuse the rich traditions of Italian manufacturing, culminating in a masterpiece of unparalleled artistry.


      Pugnale designs its products exclusively with its customers in mind, crafting each piece with intricate shapes and quality materials that embody the essence of the brand. Using a handcrafted process, each item is a distinctive icon, artistically crafted and never duplicated. Their collections are exceptional in the fusion of precious materials, culminating in unparalleled manufacturing processes that give them an unmatched level of distinction in the marketplace. Today, the range includes the Priscilla, Nicolo', Lab Line and Heritage collections, each of which is an aesthetic interpretation of the extraordinary combination of elegance and audacity.

      From day one, Pugnale has earned its place in the marketplace by embodying its distinctive mission to recover the craftsmanship of the first eyewear factories in northeastern Italy, while perfectly blending elements of the past and the future. Strictly handcrafted in Italy, each Pugnale piece is a symbol of excellence, with materials sourced from an exclusive network of suppliers selected from the eyewear, medical, automotive and aerospace industries. Visit our eyewear boutique EuroOptica, a certified retailer of authentic Pugnale glasses in Manhattan, New York, to browse the entire collection and pick out a pair that will add a unique touch to any outfit.


      Emanuele Pugnale, the innovative mind behind Pugnale, grew up in Turin before moving to Friuli Venezia Giulia. With a strong background in machine tools, Pugnale founded Pumak Trading in 2003, successfully importing and distributing high precision machinery to industries ranging from aerospace to eyewear. It was through supplying machine tools to major eyewear manufacturers that Pugnale discovered his passion for eyewear, which led him to found Pugnale & Nyleve in 2013. By combining mechanical precision with fashion, Pugnale has created a truly unique and captivating object - glasses.

      Pugnale embodies the perfect combination of creative energy, cutting-edge technology and a deep passion for Italian craftsmanship, resulting in one-of-a-kind eyewear. This exceptional business model has even been recognized by internationally renowned fashion houses in Italy, who have partnered exclusively with Pugnale since 2017. From the iconic Lady P frame designed by Priscilla Collection, to the partnership with Glasses Gallery, to the stunning Audrey frame designed exclusively by New York-based architect Hani Rashid for world-renowned luxury influencer Audrey Tritto, Pugnale continues to push boundaries and create unique designs that are sure to turn heads.


      The Priscilla collection by Pugnale is inspired by the woman with a thousand facets, expressing strength and sweetness, tenacity and courage, perseverance and charisma. The brand's iconic shapes incorporate bright, feminine colors for a unique and distinctive look with high design value that exudes strong character. The Pugnale Heritage Collection is a unique and luxurious line of eyewear handcrafted in Italy. From Jacquard to Giglio, each pair is crafted with precision and care using only the finest techniques and materials such as titanium, stainless steel and aluminum. The Heritage Collection also features unique finishes such as lace hand-stitched by fashion house Ermanno Scervino and precious stones set into the frames for an extra touch of elegance.

      The Pugnale Lab Line collection is the maximum and primary expression of the brand's soul. This collection is characterized by unique and innovative materials, shapes and assemblies that make it stand out from the rest. From the sunglasses LAMPO to the sunglasses Committed, each piece is created for lightness and comfort. The Pugnale Nicolo collection is the latest offering designed to combine tradition, lightness, strength and shine. The metal frames are mixed with color and fashion, creating a modern look that is sure to turn heads. The range includes the Maverick model, a unique fusion of different metals. The Nicolò Color line plays with brushstrokes of color to create an eye-catching effect.