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      Persol® PO9714VM - Havana Eyeglasses
      Persol® PO9714VM - Black Eyeglasses
      Persol® PO9714VM
      Persol® PO9714S - Fuoco E Ardesia Sunglasses
      Persol® PO9714S
      Persol® PO9714S
      Persol® PO9649V - Resina E Sale Eyeglasses
      Persol® PO9649V
      Persol® PO9649V
      Persol® PO8649S - Dark Horn Sunglasses
      Persol® PO8649S - Black Sunglasses
      Persol® PO8649S
      Persol® PO8359V - Brown / Beige Tortoise Eyeglasses
      Persol® PO8359V - Caffe' Eyeglasses
      Persol® PO8359V
      Persol® PO8129V - Light Horn Eyeglasses
      Persol® PO8129V - Madreterra Eyeglasses
      Persol® PO8129V
      Persol® PO7649S - Matte Gold/Gold Sunglasses
      Persol® PO7649S - Blue/Bronze Sunglasses
      Persol® PO7649S
      Persol® PO7359S - Matte Black/Gold Sunglasses
      Persol® PO7359S - Matte Silver/Silver Sunglasses
      Persol® PO7359S
      Persol® PO7092V - Matte Gold / Gold Eyeglasses
      Persol® PO7092V
      Persol® PO7092V
      Persol® PO7007V - Matte Black / Gold Eyeglasses
      Persol® PO7007V - Gray / Light Brown Eyeglasses
      Persol® PO7007V
      Persol® PO7007C - Gold Sunglasses
      Persol® PO7007C
      Persol® PO6649S - Havana Sunglasses
      Persol® PO6649S
      Persol® PO6649S
      Persol® PO6649SM - Blue Sunglasses
      Persol® PO6649SM - Black Sunglasses
      Persol® PO6649SM
      Persol® PO5007VT - Brown/Gunmetal Eyeglasses
      Persol® PO5007VT - Silver/Gold Eyeglasses
      Persol® PO5007VT
      Persol® PO5007ST - Gold/Silver Sunglasses
      Persol® PO5007ST - Silver/Black Sunglasses
      Persol® PO5007ST

      Persol is a renowned Italian eyewear manufacturer known for creating timeless eyewear. The company debuted in 1917 with technically advanced glasses, especially designed for sports drivers and pilots who needed excellent vision, protection and ultimate comfort. Nowadays, Persol’s roots are still grounded in unrivaled craftsmanship and technical perfection. With its sonorous name, meaning “for sun,” it is the true heir to the Italian culture of excellence, a perfect symbiosis of technology and aesthetics. The fascinating design and artistic quality of Persol glasses make them a premier choice among famous sportsmen, actors and musicians such as Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Leonardo Di Caprio, Bradley Cooper, and Zac Efron.

      Every Persol frame is a real masterpiece of design and engineering. The process of production consists of more than thirty basic stages, combining top-grade materials, cutting-edge technology, unparalleled industry expertise and meticulous attention to every detail. The glasses come with Barberini® mineral lenses, made with the finest materials and utilizing advanced manufacturing processes to ensure high durability and the purest visual image. Being an authorized distributor of Persol eyewear in Manhattan, New York, we stock one of the largest selections of frames in the market. Stop by one of our two boutiques in Manhattan, New York located on the Upper West Side (280 Columbus Ave) and Upper East Side (1249 3rd Ave) to try on the unique frames by Persol.

      Meflecto is the exclusive frame technology from Persol. Patented at the end of the 30’s, this flexible stem system is still an unsurpassed solution that guarantees maximum comfort for the wearer by adapting to any face shape and eliminating pressure on the head from the arms. Owing to their unmistakable style, Persol glasses are recognizable all over the world. The final feature of Persol eyewear is the Silver Arrow, aka ‘Supreme Arrow’ on the frame. Inspired by the swords of ancient warriors, this symbol is specific to Persol glasses and is displayed on both temples.

      Many popular eyewear brands have a pair of distinguished frames approved by celebrities or the ones that appeared in movies. Persol created its legendary Persol 649 many years ago. However, even today it remains the unmistakable brand icon favored by true individuals worldwide. Today, the famous 649 model is offered in a unique interpretation – the limited edition 649 Dedar featuring elegant blue color and red logotypes on temple tips. The unique keyhole bridge and Silver Arrows make this outstanding model a timeless classic. When you choose Persol, you choose more than glasses; you choose a stylish look with a strong character, the best of Italian design and quality.


      In its 100 years of history Persol has produced a vast number of ground-breaking frames destined to become bestsellers. With their unique, indisputable design, some of them are still considered to be true icons. Most innovations have been created in the Turin workshop, where everything has started. Introduced in the late 1930s, Meflecto was the industry’s first flexible stem system, providing a perfect fit for unique proportions of every face. Another great invention was Victor Flex, a three-notch bridge which resulted in comfortable curves and a better fit. To make Persol eyewear recognizable worldwide, they created The Freccia, a unique hinge decorated with an arrow that has become the iconic emblem of the brand.

      In 1957, Persol created its first legendary frame, the Model 649, designed for the tram drivers of Turin, who required wide glasses to save their eyes from dust. It was a highly reliable piece of eyewear that soon gained worldwide popularity. Besides, it was one of the most stylish designs that became an icon in 1961 thanks to Marcello Mastroianni. From that moment on, the manufacturer began to establish close ties with the world of cinema, ties which are still going strong today. Persol eyewear is featured in some of the most legendary Italian movies and has been worn by numerous celebrities on and off the screen.


      One hundred years of outstanding success is what makes Persol stand apart from the competition. Founded in 1917 in Turin by Giuseppe Ratti, the owner of Berry optical, the Italian brand has quickly become extremely popular. The company specialized in producing top-quality glasses and lenses for aviators and athletes. From its humble beginnings, the manufacturer has paid meticulous attention to every detail, creating frames that were masterpieces of engineering and craftsmanship. Utilizing the finest materials and the most innovative manufacturing processes, Persol has remained at the forefront of the industry for over a century. By the way, it’s one of the oldest eyewear companies in the world that has made a name for itself.

      In 1995, Persol was purchased by Luxottica and continued to strive for excellence and effectiveness, creating quality glasses with iconic design. Luxottica has invested to preserve this unique heritage, turning Persol into one of the world’s most significant eyewear brands, while honoring its roots. Nowadays, more than ever, the iconic label is the protagonist of a constantly evolving story. It continues to design and produce outstanding frames at its historic factory in Lauriano, near Turin, where each pair of glasses is still crafted with the same care and attention to detail as it used to be one hundred years ago.