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    Paul Smith

      paul-smith BERNARD V2 - Black Ink
      paul-smith BERNARD V2 - Turtle Artist Stripe
      Paul Smith® Bernard V2
      paul-smith BEAUFORT - Black Ink
      paul-smith BEAUFORT - Tortoise
      Paul Smith® Beaufort
      Sold Out
      paul-smith BROMPTON - Shiny Silver
      paul-smith BROMPTON - Matte Silver
      Paul Smith® Brompton
      paul-smith BARBER - Black Ink
      paul-smith BARBER - Tortoise
      Paul Smith® Barber
      Sold Out
      paul-smith ELLERY - Black
      paul-smith ELLERY - Havana
      Paul Smith® Ellery
      paul-smith BARFORD - Black Ink
      paul-smith BARFORD - Honeycomb Tortoise
      Paul Smith® Barford
      paul-smith BIRCH - Black Ink
      paul-smith BIRCH - Ice Blue
      Paul Smith® Birch
      paul-smith ALDER V2 - Black Ink
      paul-smith ALDER V2 - Tortoise
      Paul Smith® Alder V2
      paul-smith ARCHER V1S - Black Ink/Crystal
      paul-smith ARCHER V1S - Tortoise
      Paul Smith® Archer V1S
      paul-smith ALDER V1S - Black Ink/Crystal
      paul-smith ALDER V1S - Deep Tortoise
      Paul Smith® Alder V1S
      paul-smith ALFORD V1 - Black Ink/Gold
      paul-smith ALFORD V1 - Tortoise/Silver
      Paul Smith® Alford V1
      paul-smith AUSTIN V1S - Black Ink/Crystal
      paul-smith AUSTIN V1S - Peacock/Deep Navy
      Paul Smith® Austin V1S
      from $363.00
      paul-smith ASKEW V1S - Silver
      paul-smith ASKEW V1S - Gold
      Paul Smith® Askew V1S
      paul-smith ALBION V2 - Black Ink/Gold
      paul-smith ALBION V2 - Tortoise/Silver
      Paul Smith® Albion V2
      paul-smith ARNOLD V2S - Silver
      paul-smith ARNOLD V2S - Gold
      Paul Smith® Arnold V2S

      Paul Smith is the British man behind the world-trusted fashion brand, famous for his ingenious aesthetics, which combines the latest trends and traditions. He has succeeded in creating a strong company that has recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. The designer has always been proud to stand out from the crowd and positioned himself between haute couture and eveningwear, while taking reference from both segments. Paul has a belief that inspiration can be found in everything, meaning that references are so many-sided, coming from both daily life and high art. All his designs are centered on a dry English sense of humor: extravagant but not ostentatious, offbeat but not frivolous. We’re proud to be a licensed supplier of top-of-the-line sunglasses and optical frames by Paul Smith. Visit our optical store at 280 Columbus Ave to try on the latest frames from the brand.

      Nowadays the company is still headed by Mr. Smith and has over 165 stores worldwide, offering clothes and accessories for the entire family: men, women, and kids. Reaffirming the fundamental principle that the designer set down in 1970, ‘classic with a twist’ remains the core idea of the brand. Much of the success has been due to a wide range of winning collaborations, including Anglepoise, Rapha, Caran d’Ache, and Leica. Being the global design company, trusted and recognized around the world, Paul Smith has always felt the responsibility for the environment and the society within it, trying to build a more sustainable fashion world.

      Staying true to the same principles that made the company so successful, Paul Smith continues to innovate and impress with new, fresh ideas. Modern frame shapes and award-winning functionality make Paul Smith frames a desired choice for those who value performance but also want a stylish look. The main strength of Paul Smith glasses is that they feature exceptionally durable hinges and frames, all complemented with an impressive range of premium quality lenses for prescription and fashion purposes. We carry a massive selection of Paul Smith frames proudly handmade using the finest Italian acetate and metal and finished to perfection to ensure you’re getting maximum value for your money.

      With a show of dedication and creativity, but most of all, with a true passion for the fashion industry, Paul Smith creates one-of-a-kind eyewear exceeding the needs and requirements of the pickiest customers. Many celebs, including Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, Katie Holmes, etc., adore Paul Smith specs and shades. Just as with all their products, Paul Smith glasses are a great example of “old” and “new” coming together and working in harmony. Whatever style you choose, every Paul Smith frame evokes the classic London style which is always encouraging and admired by many fashion-forward individuals all over the world.


      Paul Smith is a renowned fashion designer known for his rebellious spirit and timeless designs that offer a contemporary twist and a bit of British flair. Being very adept at combining modern with traditional, he creates high-quality, fashionable pieces that are far from ordinary and boring. Paul is a trailblazer and tastemaker – thanks to his enormous enthusiasm for multifaceted cultural references and unbeatable combinations of color and pattern, he brings the latest fashion trends in clothing and accessories. The current product range includes everything from luxury ready-to-wear collections and footwear to jewelry, accessories, and homeware essentials.

      The Paul Smith eyewear collection includes a comprehensive range of trendy frame shapes and styles that are sure to become a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Each pair of glasses is proudly made in Italy, undergoing 42 stages by a team of skilled craftsmen. The process of production takes up to 6 weeks to complete, with every stage executed with care and precision. Built from the highest-grade materials, Paul Smith glasses are also durable and highly reliable, which makes them a perfect choice for fashion-forward individuals who appreciate luxury and premium quality, without compromising on the comfort factor.


      Paul Smith is currently one of the most influential fashion designers; he has built a world-renowned brand that now counts 12 lines, including ready-made clothes for men and women, shoes, watches, fragrances, accessories, homeware products, etc. Mr. Smith was born in 1946 in Nottingham, England. He began his fashion career by opening his first shop in the birth city, in 1970. He also unveiled his first menswear collection eight years later in Paris under the Paul Smith label and introduced his first women’s line at London Fashion Week. Thanks to his ability to foresee and respond to emerging trends, Paul Smith has managed to become one of the major players in the highly competitive fashion world.

      Today, there are numerous Paul Smith stores in London, including Paul Smith Men, Women, Junior, Jeans, and Paul Smith No. 9. Other international stores can be found in New York, Milan, Paris, Far East and Middle East. Paul Smith is highly popular among the most influential persons, including artists, sportsmen, politicians, actors, rock stars, etc. In recognition of his contribution to the British fashion industry, Paul Smith was knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honors list in 2001. At the moment, Paul Smith is synonymous with pure British design, representing its eccentricity on the international fashion stage by doing it with humor and curiosity about multiple traditions and cultures.