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    Oliver Goldsmith

      Oliver Goldsmith® - The 1920'S - 001 Sunglasses
      Oliver Goldsmith® - The 1920'S - 001 Sunglasses
      Oliver Goldsmith® The 1920'S
      Oliver Goldsmith® KENDAL

      Philipp Oliver Goldsmith is a founder of a world-known namesake brand and an originator of iconic glasses since 1926. The designer has revolutionized the eyewear not only by crafting high-end frames that protected eyes, but also by creating a fashion statement. He was the first to unleash a unique type of eyewear, where performance and fashion met together. Philipp has initiated a whole new concept in the industry by creating frames that were a perfect combination of traditional manufacturing techniques, high-quality materials and modern styling. With four generations of refined knowledge behind, the company continues to change the way people see the world through eyewear design and innovation.

      Traditions have always been vitally important to Oliver Goldsmith, who created its highly reliable glasses utilizing most effective, time-proven techniques and methods. Today, by combining the experience and the developments in modern manufacturing, the company offers frames that provide the utmost in quality, comfort and style. It believes in trusting, reliable relationships and social responsibility – and that continues through to the stores that sell their eyewear. The opticians who stock the OG frames are some of the most passionate and creative people in the world. We, at EuroOptika, are proud to be the official distributor of the iconic Oliver Goldsmith eyewear in NYC.


      Unique and genuine Oliver Goldsmith frames have always been the premier choice for world-famous celebrities, including film stars, artists, designers and fashionistas. Their eyewear has been worn by the most stylish men and women of the era, from Jackie Onassis to Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana to Grace Kelly, Keith Richards and John Lennon, Michael Caine to The Rolling Stones and more. The brand was also the first to appear in Vogue, presenting its groundbreaking glasses as an indispensable fashion accessory rather than a necessary medical device. Even the iconic couturiers, including Givenchy and Christian Dior, asked Goldsmith to create original designs to complement their collections.

      Nowadays, the company is headed by Claire Goldsmith, the great-granddaughter of the brand’s founder, who took the helm in 2006. Addicted to maintaining the core value of her forefathers – the creation of awe-inspiring eyewear that pushes the boundaries of expectation, self-expression and individuality – she continues to deliver the vestige of the Goldsmith name. Since her early years, Claire was surrounded by a spirit of all-consuming love for eyewear and appreciation for a true craftsmanship. Today, she offers some of the most breathtaking and unique eyeglasses and sunglasses under the Claire Goldsmith name.​ The young designer is trying to maintain the legacy of its family’s heritage while making innovative and fashionable eyewear.


      Oliver Goldsmith is a celebrated British eyewear brand with nearly 100 years of experience. Boasting four generations of expertise, the company continues to create some of the most beautiful frames in the world. The story of the brand started in 1919, when a commercial salesman from London, Philipp Oliver Goldsmith, decided to originate a new kind of eyewear that would be not only functional but also highly fashionable. In 1926, the young designer presented its first collection of stylish metal frames under the “Oliver Goldsmith” brand name. Soon after that, he broke the industry with his outstanding handmade spectacles of real tortoiseshell, colorful plastic frames that will never go out of style!

      In 1946, following Philipp’s death, his son Charles had taken over the business. A new dawn of enthusiasm and ingenuity was about to take hold. He designed a small collection called ‘Sun Specs’ with unique frames that were fitted with colored lenses. Within a week, the glasses were sold out and more were eagerly requested. By the mid 1960’s Charles’s two sons, Andrew and Raymond, had joined the company and continued creating incredible frames to meet the fashion needs of the 70’s disco era. Since 2006 until now, Raymond’s daughter, Claire Goldsmith, has been at the helm of the company. Inspired by both her family’s rich heritage and cutting-edge innovations, she decided to bring their famous name into the future under the label CG Eyewear.