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      Mclaren® Super Series Mlsups21 MLSUPS21 C04 59 - Black/Dark Gray  C04 Sunglasses
      Mclaren® Super Series Mlsups21 MLSUPS21 C05 59 - Red/Black C05 Sunglasses
      Mclaren® Super Series Mlsups21
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgpo01 MLSGPO01 C01 56 - Black & dark grey C01 Eyeglasses
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgpo01 MLSGPO01 C03 56 - Red & black C03 Eyeglasses
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgpo01
      Mclaren® Super Series Mlsups17C MLSUPS17C C05 57 - Red/Black C05 Sunglasses
      Mclaren® Super Series Mlsups17C MLSUPS17C C02 57 - Orange/Black C02 Sunglasses
      Mclaren® Super Series Mlsups17C
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgpo05 MLSGPO05 C01 57 - Black & light grey C01 Eyeglasses
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgpo05 MLSGPO05 C03 57 - Black/Orange C03 Eyeglasses
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgpo05
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgps01 MLSGPS01 C02 55 - Black/Orange C02 Sunglasses
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgps01 MLSGPS01 C04 55 - Black & dark grey C04 Sunglasses
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgps01
      from $650.00
      Mclaren® Super Series Mlsupo24 MLSUPO24 C03 56 - Red & black C03 Sunglasses
      Mclaren® Super Series Mlsupo24 MLSUPO24 C01 56 - Black & dark grey C01 Sunglasses
      Mclaren® Super Series Mlsupo24
      Mclaren® Super Series Mlsups20 MLSUPS20 C05 56 - Red/Gray C05 Sunglasses
      Mclaren® Super Series Mlsups20 MLSUPS20 C04 56 - Black/Dark Gray C04 Sunglasses
      Mclaren® Super Series Mlsups20
      from $530.00
      Mclaren® Ultimate04 Mlulto04 MLULTO04 C04 55 - Gray/Red C04 Eyeglasses
      Mclaren® Ultimate04 Mlulto04 MLULTO04 C01 55 - Black C01 Eyeglasses
      Mclaren® Ultimate04 Mlulto04
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgpo04 MLSGPO04 C02 57 - Orange & black C02 Eyeglasses
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgpo04 MLSGPO04 C01 57 - Black & light grey C01 Eyeglasses
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgpo04
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgpo03 MLSGPO03 C02 56 - Black & dark grey C02 Eyeglasses
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgpo03 MLSGPO03 C01 56 - Black/Red C01 Eyeglasses
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgpo03
      Mclaren® Mlults03 MLULTS03 C04 56 - Black C04 Sunglasses
      Mclaren® Mlults03 MLULTS03 C02 56 - Black/Orange C02 Sunglasses
      Mclaren® Mlults03
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgpo06S MLSGPO06S C01 56 - Red & black C01 Eyeglasses
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgpo06S MLSGPO06S C03 56 - Yellow & black C03 Eyeglasses
      Mclaren® Graphite Mlsgpo06S
      Mclaren® Magnetic Mlmg 86S04 MLMG 86S04 C04 58 - Black C04 Sunglasses
      Mclaren® Magnetic Mlmg 86S04 MLMG 86S04 C03 58 - Black/Blue C03 Sunglasses
      Mclaren® Magnetic Mlmg 86S04
      Mclaren® Openmatic Mlop 98S02 MLOP 98O02 C01 54 - Black/Red C01 Eyeglasses
      Mclaren® Openmatic Mlop 98S02 MLOP 98O02 C03 54 - Black/Blue C03 Eyeglasses
      Mclaren® Openmatic Mlop 98S02
      from $400.00
      Mclaren® Ultimate05 Mlulto05 MLULTO05 C02 54 - Orange C02 Eyeglasses
      Mclaren® Ultimate05 Mlulto05 MLULTO05 C03 54 - Black/Red C03 Eyeglasses
      Mclaren® Ultimate05 Mlulto05

      Famous for its unwavering passion for racing and commitment to innovating the automotive industry, McLaren is the epitome of luxury and high performance. For more than five decades, the renowned brand has created stunning collections of men's and women’s sportswear, teamwear, fanwear, and a comprehensive range of accessories, including headwear, luggage and eyewear. By blending advanced materials with cutting-edge technologies, the iconic global sports brand offers high-performance eyewear that is suitable for every attire. Each frame features the one-of-a-kind design inspired by the brand's unique, distinct and modern aesthetic. Manufactured in France utilizing the latest techniques, the McLaren sunglasses and optical frames are worth obsessing over.

      To create unique glasses that set new standards for elite eyewear, the best designers from McLaren Automotive joined their forces with the L’Amy Group, the internationally famous French eyewear manufacturer. By combining their rich expertise and using industry-leading technologies such as 3D-printed titanium frames and Leica sun lenses, the McLaren Vision Collection epitomizes the design innovation and pioneering technical excellence that is at the heart of the brand’s DNA. Since its launch in 2019, the McLaren Vision collection has won the most prestigious industry awards, including the SILMO d’or Design Award for Technology and Innovation. Ultra-comfortable arms, flexible hinges, and high-end lenses that ensure increased visibility are just a few features that make McLaren glasses stand out.


      In addition to producing high-performance sports cars and supercars, the legendary automotive company McLaren is also a creator of luxury and innovative sports clothing and accessories. The McLaren Eyewear Collection includes 3 different ranges of products, all sharing the same vision of refined performance inspired by McLaren lifestyle. The DRIVESTYLE Series offers bold bi-color acetate sunglasses and optical frames that feature a specific groove design reminiscent of the furrow of a track and the colorful temple tips characteristic of the collection. The frames are structured by a bi-color acetate in order to bring the iconic McLaren papaya color on the inside, while keeping an elegant black on the outside. The signature colorful tips are reproduced in acetate, with a crystal lamination that separates the temple from the tip design area.

      The ULTIMATE Series is the pinnacle of the McLaren Vision collection. Ultra-lightweight frames have the unique structure of the front, which is obtained by 3D printing with titanium powder. The exclusive titanium lug produced by MIM (Metal Injection Molding) allows 180° rotational movement for compact folding when the glasses are folded, and a constant pressure on the face when open. The temples are in thermoplastic elastomer over molded on a metal wire core offering unbeatable comfort. The MAGNETIC MG-86 capsule collection offers modern and ultra-stylish frames for an urban lifestyle. The revolutionary design features 3D printed fronts, 100% recycled stainless steel temples, and the patented magnetic hinge that is composed of 2 Neodym pieces to ensure life-lasting friction, with no risk of losing screws and temples.


      The McLaren Group is internationally renowned as one of the world’s most illustrious high-technology brands. Founded in 1963, McLaren Racing has been pioneering and innovating in the competitive world of Formula 1, building a powerful reputation which has seen the racing team win 20 World Championships. The corporation has diversified to include a global, high-performance sports car business, McLaren Automotive, and a game-changing innovation business, McLaren Applied. Founded in 2019, the McLaren Vision is no different. Led by the spirit of luxury performance, the Division explores cutting-edge technologies to improve the quality, the design, and the comfort of its unique eyewear pieces. Despite the widening of the group’s business interests, McLaren’s goal remains unchanged: to win in everything they do.

      The McLaren Vision offers a unisex collection of sunglasses and optics that combine sport with luxury. Composed of 3D printed titanium which enables an aerial like structure, the frames are super durable, hypo allergenic, and feather light, while providing anti reflective and polarized lens options. The collection has already received industry recognition, winning the SILMO d’or Design Award for Technology and Innovation in 2018. The McLaren Vision never rests on its laurels and continues to push boundaries in order to create innovative eyewear pieces for Winners. The exclusive glasses are available globally in selected optical stores. We, at EuroOptica, NYC, are proud to be on the list and provide our Manhattan neighbors with high-performance McLaren glasses.


      To ensure exceptional clarity of vision, the McLaren sunglasses are paired with the Leica Eyecare sun lenses, which are treated with AquaDura Vision anti-reflective, oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings. The collection offers five sun lens types customized for a specific environment; the Driving lenses, for example, feature very precise graduated tinting that is designed to improve contrasts and show the road ahead in sharp relief. There is no polarization so all surfaces are perceived perfectly. Another type of gradient lens that guarantees an excellent color reproduction as well as improved contrasts and relief is the McLaren Escape lens. So, if you plan outside escaping, sporty or not, these lenses are just the perfect choice!

      If you prefer polarized sunglasses, choose from the Outdoor and Yachting lens by McLaren. Both types are designed to reduce light intensity for a maximum visual comfort. Featuring an unbeatable color reproduction and avoiding any distortion of the vision, the Outdoor and Yachting lenses are ideal for every outdoor activity, from cycling to sailing. The Urban lenses by McLaren have a gray glass with a red flash with a unique neutral gradient tint designed for all lighting conditions and easy reading of screens, which makes them perfect for a multi usage in everyday life. Visit our store at 280 Columbus Ave (corner of W 73rd St), New York, to select a pair of innovative McLaren sunglasses or optical frames that best fits your needs and lifestyle!