Matttew™ Eyewear

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      MATTTEW is a Belgium eyewear company famous for its colorful, extraordinary frames. The core idea of the brand is to make every customer “unique” and inseparable from his pair of glasses. They believe that eyewear must grab the attention by its creative, colorful and distinctive character, making people want to buy more different styles. That’s why MATTTEW frames are crafted to be one-of-a-kind: extremely vivid, extravagant and full of life. Each model is the result of an accurate technological research, precise design and reliable production process. All you get is a pair of bright, top-quality glasses you’ll love to wear every day.

      Being the architecture aficionado,Matthieu Duchere, the founder of the brand, pays close attention to the shape, material and color of its glasses. The combination of straight lines, circles and sharp angles along with the interplay of solid and voids makes MATTTEW glasses real eye-catchers. The manufacturer spends endless time and energy to pick the right color combinations for each of its collections, combining beautifully bright acetates with more subtle neutral colors. Ultra vibrant and cheerful, they are perfect for everyone, whether for a mid-age lad, a youngster or an oldster. The most popular MATTTEW collections are the Crown, the Fruit, the Chaise and the Newspaper.


      MATTTEW is an imaginative and modern universe, where each of the details plays a crucial role. Passionate about beautiful forms and architecture, the designer Matthieu Duchere creates glasses that make faces glow and eyes sparkle with delight. His overwhelming desire to satisfy all of his customers’ needs meets the diversity of being and of seeing. Which is why, there is a huge selection of MATTTEW glasses to choose from. Matthieu has a unique approach to life that rejects the redundant and chooses the fundamental. This explains why his frames are so extravagant and mesmerizing; they stand out thanks to their interesting design, intriguing shapes and vivid colors.

      Each MATTTHEW frame is crafted in the Jura region of France, the birthplace of the highest-quality eyewear. Each pair of glasses is handcrafted and scrupulously inspected to become a perfect accessory that would bring cheerfulness and joy into people’s lives. It’s the joy of seeing and showing without knowing who is making the other happier: whether it’s the designer or the person wearing MATTTEW glasses. Mr. Duchere has managed to develop and maintain a strong brand by creating impressive frames able to perfectly complement the unique features of each face. Welcome to the best optical store in Manhattan, EuroOptika, and find your own pair of opulent MATTTEW glasses.


      Born in South Korea and growing up in Belgium, Matthieu Duchere had a love for art and design from his childhood days. Later on, he studied industrial design at the prestigious La Cambre, School of Architecture and Visual Arts in Brussels, where he defended a thesis on the subject of eyewear. From that moment, Matthieu became passionate about this very special product; about the materials, shapes and manufacturing processes. After the graduation, he worked as a designer for top-notch eyewear brands, including the world-renowned Theo. He also worked at an eyewear manufacturing plant in the mountains of the Jura in France, where MATTTEW glasses are now manufactured before being sold worldwide.

      After conducting a thorough market analysis, Mr. Duchere decided to unveil his own eyewear brand with the vision of creating unique and artistic designs. And when it was time to find a name for the company, “MATTTEW” was obvious. It simply came from the first name of the designer, with just a funny twist in the middle. The newborn Belgium brand chose to make people happy by providing them with bright and unique eyewear pieces. Today, MATTTEW is a trusted and reliable manufacturer, which offers high quality eyeglasses that let you see the world in a different, more creative way. Today, tomorrow, and beyond, these spectacles are guaranteed to keep their purity and their original style.