Kirk & Kirk™ Eyewear

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    Kirk & Kirk

      Kirk & Kirk® EDEN KK EDEN GREEN 48 - Green Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® EDEN KK EDEN B3 48 48 - Matte Black Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® Eden
      Kirk & Kirk® THOR KK THOR PASSION 56 - Passion Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® THOR KK THOR T2 56 - Blue Moon Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® Thor
      Kirk & Kirk® BLAZE KK BLAZE PASSION 53 - Passion Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® BLAZE KK BLAZE BLUE MOON 53 - Blue Moon Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® Blaze
      Kirk & Kirk® ELLIS KK ELLIS APPLE - Apple Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® ELLIS KK ELLIS CAPRI - Capri Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® Ellis
      Kirk & Kirk® CADY KK CADY CAPRI 49 - Capri Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® CADY KK CADY EARTH 49 - Earth Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® Cady
      Kirk & Kirk® ANGUS KK ANGUS TIGER 60 - Tiger Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® ANGUS KK ANGUS CRIMSON 60 - Crimson Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® Angus
      Kirk & Kirk® ELEKTRA KK ELEKTRA PASSION 51 - Passion Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® ELEKTRA KK ELEKTRA BLUE MOON 51 - Blue Moon Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® Elektra
      Kirk & Kirk® SAM KK SAM GREEN 43 - Green Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® SAM KK SAM MATTE BLACK 43 - Matte Black Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® Sam
      Kirk & Kirk® FRANK KK FRANK FUCSHIA 50 - Fucshia Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® FRANK KK FRANK OCEAN 50 - Ocean Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® Frank
      Kirk & Kirk® KIT KK KIT APPLE 51 - Apple Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® KIT KK KIT CAPRI 51 - Capri Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® Kit
      Kirk & Kirk® FINN KK FINN EARTH 54 - Earth Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® FINN KK FINN OCEAN 54 - Ocean Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® Finn
      Kirk & Kirk® PERCY KK CENTENA C6 49 - Blue Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® PERCY KK PERCY RED 49 - Red Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® Percy
      Kirk & Kirk® HELEN KK HELEN CAPRI 50 - Capri Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® HELEN KK HELEN OCEAN 50 - Ocean Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® Helen
      Kirk & Kirk® MARILYN KK MARILYN BLACK 45 - Black Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® MARILYN KK MARILYN JADE 45 - Jade Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® Marilyn
      Kirk & Kirk® HORACE KK HORACE BORDEAUX 55 - Bordeaux Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® HORACE KK HORACE CADILLAC 55 - Pink Eyeglasses
      Kirk & Kirk® Horace

      Born from a deep desire to bring excitement to eyewear, Kirk & Kirk is a brand filled with provocative features and paradoxes. The manufacturer pays homage to its centennial history, while staying up to date with latest technologies and trends in the optical world. At its core, Kirk & Kirk is a company run by a family with optical passion flowing through their veins and integrity and pride in every piece they create. Staying true to their values, the brand designs and manufactures their frames the same way they do everything – with meticulous attention to detail. Each pair of glasses is made by hand in France, drawing inspiration from mid-century glass and jewelry.

      Despite a chunky and bold appearance, Kirk & Kirk eyewear weighs next to nothing and is super comfortable to wear. Every design is a bursting, vibrant celebration of emotion and color; a bold expression of style in ultra-bright acrylic. The brand is recognized for its unique color statements with an amazing array of selections and varying translucency. No wonder that Kirk & Kirk glasses are enjoyed by celebrities around the world, from Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Sullivan to Young Thug and Richard Ayoade. The brand can also boast of multiple nominations from international eyewear design awards and has been featured in major publications such as The Guardian.


      To create standout glasses for the most dauntless and audacious personalities, Kirk & Kirk utilizes their signature Italian acrylic that you cannot find anywhere else. Decades of honing skills, design, and iterations have equipped the manufacturer with undeniable dominance in using acrylic, which is an exceptionally durable but lightweight material that won’t lose adjustment or stretch over time. The brand has not only succeeded in ensuring an optimal functional operation of acrylic, but it has also advanced in creating a unique color palette that you will hardly find in traditional eyewear. Available at an array of head-turning hues, Kirk & Kirk frames allow for complete creative freedom.

      Another groundbreaking feature that makes Kirk & Kirk glasses stand out from the rest is utilizing a top-of-the-line German five-barreled hinge design that amplifies the strength of the frame’s construction. There are no reinforcing wires in the temples; the frame holds its shape and stays comfortable forever. Also, every pair of spectacles comes with integrated nose pads that cushion and help in the even distribution of weight across the bridge. True to their roots, all glasses are crafted by hand from start to finish in an integrated factory in France with a rigorous in-person quality check by the owner Jason Kirk himself.


      Every brand has its philosophy and core values that drive decisions and empowers it to lead. For Kirk & Kirk, that core driver is family. The Kirk family has been pioneers in optics since two brothers, Percy and Sidney Kirk, converted an old sewing machine into a working lens cutter. In 1919, they established Kirk Brothers and opened their first workshops in London. Three generations later, Karen and Jason Kirk, the grandson of Sidney Kirk, founded Kirk & Kirk on these strong foundations and continued an optical adventure that has spanned more than a century, resulting in unique and innovative eyewear pieces. The husband-and-wife collaboration debuted in 1992 when they founded Kirk Originals, their initial eyewear company.

      Inspired by their family legacy and a deep desire to create authentic frames, Jason and Karen started Kirk & Kirk as a line to innovate and amaze. It was a great success, with their opulent glasses now sold in more than 40 countries around the globe. Jason and Karen Kirk are ardent believers and dedicated innovators, committed to making the best frames possible in the industry. We, at EuroOptica, are very pleased and proud to be an authorized distributor for one-of-a-kind Kirk & Kirk sunglasses and optical frames Stop by one of our two boutiques in Manhattan, New York located on the Upper West Side (280 Columbus Ave) and Upper East Side (1249 3rd Ave) to show you all the beautiful pieces we got in.

      The Centiles Collection

      The newly launched Centiles Collection by Kirk&Kirk is causing quite a stir. It is not about glasses. It is all about finding the right eyewear to express your personality, your environment, your mood. It is for those people who challenge the norms and don’t want to be tamed, constrained, or boxed in. The exclusive collection includes six bold, statement silhouettes: the Storm, Thor, Lotus, Blaze, Elektra and Robin. Crafted from Kirk & Kirk’s signature Italian acrylic, a recyclable material that took several years to develop, the frames are supremely comfortable to wear. Each model is an amazing combination of the two-toned color pattern. Once the sun hits these frames, they look like stunning pieces of glass.

      The Centiles frames are offered in five sumptuous, eye-catching colors, including the Passion, a sensual mix of red and pink; the Secret, a soft gray/black combination, the Meadow, reminiscent of the horizon where the grasses touch the sky, the Citrus, a mouth-watering blend of orange and yellow, and the Blue Moon, a subtle combination of blue and violet acrylic. Sunny and lively, these glasses express the inspiring energy, lighting up with an intense color when exposed to the sun. From Centiles to Centena to Kaleidoscope Collection, Kirk&Kirk offers eyewear that is suitable for every gender and every occasion. One way to turn heads, why not give them a try? Visit EuroOptica, your one-stop shop for exclusive glasses!