J.F.REY™ Eyewear

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    J.F. Rey

      J.F. Rey® Abby JFR Abby 0013 45 - 0013 Black/Silver Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Abby JFR Abby 3070 45 - 3070 Red/Lilac Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Abby
      J.F. Rey® Angel JFR Angel 0070 48 - 0070 Black Pixel/Purple Sunglasses
      J.F. Rey® Angel JFR Angel 2599 48 - 2599 Turquoise/Demi Sunglasses
      J.F. Rey® Angel
      J.F. Rey® Acajou JFR Acajou 0030 54 - 0030 Black/Red Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Acajou JFR Acajou 2020 54 - 2020 Blue Purple Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Acajou
      J.F. Rey® Adam JFR Adam 9080 43 - 9080 Demi/Pink Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Adam
      J.F. Rey® Alex JFR Alex 4500 45 - 4500 Black Gradient Green Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Alex
      J.F. Rey® Andy JFR Andy 0005 39 - 0005 Marble Black Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Andy JFR Andy 9000 39 - 9000 Dark Demi Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Andy
      J.F. Rey® Anton JFR Anton 0050 49 - 0050 Black/Yellow Orange Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Anton JFR Anton 2595 49 - 2595 Blue Marine/Yellow Demi Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Anton
      J.F. Rey® Columbus Sun JFR Columbus Sun 9060SOL 55 - 9060SOL Demi/Orange Transparent Sunglasses
      J.F. Rey® Columbus Sun
      J.F. Rey® Ariane JFR Ariane 2500 52 - 2500 Blue Lake/Black Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Ariane JFR Ariane 7535 52 - 7535 Purple/Red Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Ariane
      J.F. Rey® Asphalt JFR Asphalt 0013 45 - 0013 Black Marble/Silver Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Asphalt JFR Asphalt 0030 45 - 0030 Matte Black/Satin Red Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Asphalt
      J.F. Rey® Astro JFR Astro 4515 50 - 4515 Khaki/Demi Gray Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Astro
      J.F. Rey® Austral JFR Austral 3095 47 - 3095 Red/Demi Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Austral
      J.F. Rey® Awaya JFR Awaya 0010 53 - 0010 Black/White Velvet Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Awaya JFR Awaya 0013 53 - 0013 Black/Silver Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Awaya
      J.F. Rey® California Sun JFR California Sun 6565 46 - 6565 Amber Black Satin Metal Sunglasses
      J.F. Rey® California Sun JFR California Sun SOL2020 46 - SOL2020 Blue Satin Silver Metal Sunglasses
      J.F. Rey® California Sun
      J.F. Rey® Belize JFR Belize 2000 53 - 2000 Blue Eyeglasses
      J.F. Rey® Belize

      Always surprisingly innovative and striking, the J.F. REY eyewear is a celebration of artistic freedom and individuality. The world-famous brand was founded by Jean-François Rey, a French designer who has always expressed a love for provocative and ambitious eyewear styles. Taking inspiration from modern urban architecture and the natural world, he creates impressive glasses for men, women and kids. The J.F. REY design studio is the birthplace of the most unexpected ideas, which are transformed into one-of-a-kind sunglasses and optical frames. Crafted with the greatest respect for materials and the mastery of versatile know-how, the frames are high-quality and ultra-comfortable pieces. Fashion, design and high-tech features are fully integrated in the development process of the J.F. REY glasses.

      Elegance and charm are the brand’s top priorities. For nearly 30 years, Jean-François Rey has been masterfully blending shapes and colors with unparalleled style and pizzazz, introducing head-turning eyewear designs. J.F. REY creates not just glasses but an emotion, a visual catch that provokes extreme excitement. Each concept is developed over the long term by the House’s studio, and adapted to different functional and aesthetic needs. Choose from modern and chic Petite Collection (designed especially for thin faces), the 1985 Collection that offers retro-inspired frames, the poetic BOZ Collection created to illuminate the wearer’s face, or the VOLTE FACE collection that demonstrates the richness of translucent and colored acetates, the finesse of the shapes.


      The House’s artistic and cultural influences are expressed through the style of its eclectic eyewear collections. The J.F. REY brand is always in motion: it constantly works on technical innovation, the search for new materials, expression of color, comfort and quality of finish. Thus, handcrafted in France with the best materials and the most audacious color scheme, each pair of the J.F. REY glasses demonstrates its eccentricity loud and clear, stating its bold character and authenticity. As a result, all J.F. REY sunglasses and eyeglasses are real works of art that feature organic design, refined construction, poetic colors, and exquisite details. Awarded and recognized internationally, the J.F. REY eyewear is presented each year at salons that bring together the world of fashion and optics in Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Milan, or Tokyo.

      The dynamic and avant-garde J.F. REY eyewear designs never fail to impress. The founders of the brand, Jean-François Rey and his wife Joëlle, are not concerned with keeping up with trends and their stunning glasses are the result of a well-thought-out, artistic approach and utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques. By combining tradition and innovation, the House creates frames for everyone. Striking or discreet; exclusive acetates, aluminum, metal, or combinations, the brand offers hundreds of different options from elegant classic silhouettes to the most avant-garde styles. Stop by one of our two boutiques in Manhattan, New York located on the Upper West Side (280 Columbus Ave) and Upper East Side (1249 3rd Ave), to select a pair of head-turning J.F. REY sunglasses or optical frames for a distinctive urban look with chic.


      The celebrated French House J.F. REY is an independent design company of high-end sunglasses and optical frames that was founded in 1995 by Joëlle and Jean-François Rey, who have shared their passion for stylish eyewear since they met each other. The company was built on new ideas, enthusiasm, creative freedom and technical know-how. As the brand’s Art Director, Joëlle quickly discovered her personal style masterfully blending acetate and colors with modern style and sophistication. Almost immediately after launching his namesake brand, Jean-François began a long and successful line of collaborations with the world-famous fashion houses, including Issey Miyake and Marithé François Girbaud. Those eyewear campaigns took over fashion runways by storm with their chic and extravagant designs.

      Over the years, the House's design team has become absolute experts in mixing metal, aluminum, acetate, titanium, leather and rich colorways. The wood and carbon alliance also found its place in the J.F. REY eyewear collections. The designers still continue to discover new materials joining them together, all the while breaking established codes on both a creative and technical level. This is how new stunning combinations and exciting possibilities are always created. Today, the House includes four successful sub-brands, each marked by its own style and brand identity. The courage to overcome boundaries, try new things, take risks by disrupting conventions – this is why J.F. REY is scored big among eyewear aficionados and makes it stand out from the rest.


      Based on the values of artistic freedom and innovation, J.F. REY creates eclectic eyewear collections that express an elegant transgression, a differentiating and offbeat style. Nowadays, the House offers five original collections that have profoundly transformed the landscape of French and international eyewear. The J.F. REY Kids’n’Teens optical and solar collection reveals style and originality for children aged 4 to 16. The distinctive and bright frames for boys and girls take up the stylistic codes of the brand’s adult ranges. To provide better protection against sun radiation, the Kids & Teens sunglasses are made of category 3 anti UV lenses with Blue Light technology. The Petite collection is created especially for thin faces and offers a range of ultra-modern and chic glasses.

      The VOLTE FACE collection by J.F.REY is a perfect combination of women’s fashion and the creative spirit of the brand. The ultra-bright acetate frames within the range feature superimposed forms with strong lines. The collection offers a wide choice of models rich in nuances and sophisticated patterns. If you’re hunting for innovative glasses to reinvent your look, the J.F.REY Boz Collection will have you covered! Organic design, poetic creations, frames conceived and designed like works of art by the House’s stylists. Each frame presents numerous colors and patterns available to perfectly fit the wearer’s face. To bring back the great classics, the brand created the 1985 Collection that represents reissues of iconic models designed by Jean-François Rey in the 80s. Retro-inspired silhouettes feature eye-catching details and bold colors. Visit our store EuroOptica to explore all collections and find the style that matches your personality.