Götti™ Eyewear

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      Götti® Weyl GOT OP Weyl BWS 54 - Black-White Structure Eyeglasses
      Götti® Weyl GOT OP Weyl CHD 54 - Havana Eyeglasses
      Götti® Weyl
      Götti® Urbino GOT SU Urbino ASH 55 - Ash / Forest Sunglasses
      Götti® Urbino GOT SU Urbino BERRY 55 - Berry / Choco Sunglasses
      Götti® Urbino
      Götti® Warell GOT OP Warell BSB 49 - Havana Eyeglasses
      Götti® Warell GOT OP Warell DTB 49 - Transparent Dark Brown Eyeglasses
      Götti® Warell
      Götti® Ukkie GOT SU Ukkie ASH 52 - Ash / Forest Sunglasses
      Götti® Ukkie GOT SU Ukkie BERRY 52 - Berry / Choco Sunglasses
      Götti® Ukkie
      Götti® Werry GOT OP Werry BLKY-M 49 - Black/Yellow Inside Matte Eyeglasses
      Götti® Werry GOT OP Werry BRY-M 49 - Light Brown Matte Eyeglasses
      Götti® Werry
      Götti® Wanj GOT OP Wanj BRY-M 50 - Light Brown Matte Eyeglasses
      Götti® Wanj GOT OP Wanj HHG-M 50 - Havana Gray Matte Eyeglasses
      Götti® Wanj
      Götti® Wendy GOT OP Wendy BLKM 53 - Black Matte Eyeglasses
      Götti® Wendy GOT OP Wendy BRM 53 - Dark Brown Eyeglasses
      Götti® Wendy
      Götti® Werny GOT OP Werny BRY 51 - Light Brown Eyeglasses
      Götti® Werny GOT OP Werny HBH 51 - Havana Brown Transparent Eyeglasses
      Götti® Werny
      Götti® Ullrich GOT SU Ullrich ASH 58 - Ash / Forest Sunglasses
      Götti® Ullrich GOT SU Ullrich BERRY 58 - Berry / Choco Sunglasses
      Götti® Ullrich
      Götti® Webley GOT OP Webley CHD 51 - Havana Eyeglasses
      Götti® Webley GOT OP Webley DTG 51 - Transparent Dark Gray Eyeglasses
      Götti® Webley
      Götti® Webber GOT OP Webber CHD 53 - Havana Eyeglasses
      Götti® Webber GOT OP Webber DTG 53 - Transparent Dark Gray Eyeglasses
      Götti® Webber
      Götti® Weasly GOT OP Weasly BSB 49 - Havana Eyeglasses
      Götti® Weasly GOT OP Weasly DTB 49 - Transparent Dark Brown Eyeglasses
      Götti® Weasly
      Götti® Wayne GOT OP Wayne HBH 53 - Havana Brown Transparent Eyeglasses
      Götti® Wayne GOT OP Wayne PBK 53 - Pattern Gray/Brown Eyeglasses
      Götti® Wayne
      Götti® Warner GOT OP Warner BLKY 53 - Black/Yellow Inside Eyeglasses
      Götti® Warner GOT OP Warner BLY 53 - Dark Blue Eyeglasses
      Götti® Warner
      Götti® Wana GOT OP Wana BRY 54 - Light Brown Eyeglasses
      Götti® Wana GOT OP Wana HBH 54 - Havana Brown Transparent Eyeglasses
      Götti® Wana

      Since its foundation in 1998, Götti stands for uniqueness and a lot of passion. Headed by a talented designer Sven Götti, the brand is famous for its unmistakable minimalist and harmonious designs. For more than 25 years, the company’s focus has been on quality, innovation, and sustainability. From cutting-edge design ideas and initial hand-drawn sketches to production and finishing, each pair of glasses is created with passion and dedication in the Götti’s own manufacture in Wädenswil, Switzerland. Solely titanium and acetate Götti frames are produced in collaboration with specialized manufacturers in Austria, Germany, and Japan, to ensure the highest quality and performance of products.

      Every Götti frame is an unmistakable expression of stylistic confidence, ultimate quality, and Swissness. For Sven Götti, the process of creating glasses is a fascinating and challenging task that requires experience and technical know-how. The aesthetics, zeitgeist, finest materials, innovative mechanical solutions and cutting-edge technology – these are all components of the Götti formula for making stunning eyepieces. Among the brand's most loyal fans is a world-famous interviewer Oprah Winfrey. During her exclusive interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (that will definitely go down in history), the celebrity was wearing a pair of whimsical round specs by Götti.


      A pair of glasses always consists of the same constituent parts: two temples, a front piece, and two lenses. However, it’s in human nature to create countless variants of anything over time. Götti has become one of the brightest representatives of the never-ending universe of exclusive eyewear designs. Its collections are innovative, condensed, well thought out. Utilizing modern and sustainable manufacturing, the brand creates consistently minimalist yet distinctive frames, which are guaranteed to make their wearers immediately noticeable. The Götti Switzerland collection includes high-end acetate, titanium, and genuine horn frames characterized by technical precision and aesthetic refinement. The harmonious proportions and sophisticated details result in timeless design.

      Titanium frames by Götti Switzerland are super lightweight and elegant pieces that captivate with their highest quality craftsmanship. Handmade in Japan, these glasses possess an extremely high degree of stability - in addition, it is very corrosion resistant and pleasant on the skin. The production differs with each type of spectacles. Some models are constructed of fine titanium wire, impressing with their gentle finesse and minimal presence, while maintaining their robustness. The Götti acetate frames are known for their superior comfort, balanced design language, and dazzling hand polish. Götti develops the colors for its high-end acetate in conjunction with an Italian acetate manufacturer steeped in tradition.


      The history of the renowned Swiss eyewear brand goes back to 1993 when Sven Götti and Urs Niederer opened the optics shop, Götti+Niederer. The cutting-edge equipment and an exclusive product range quickly resulted in the store’s success. Next year, Sven Götti presented his own small eyewear collection of eyeglasses crafted from natural horn. The frames proved to be very popular and so the designer steadily developed the eyewear collection with success. Today, 25 years after that first pair of spectacles was launched, the company boasts of more than 1,200 specialty shops around the globe. Through its presence in over 30 countries, Götti Switzerland is one of the only Swiss eyewear brands to achieve such a recognition throughout the international optics industry.

      Nowadays, Götti is considered to be one of the leading eyewear brands in terms of quality and design. For decades, the company has collaborated with the best manufacturers in Japan, Germany and Austria. This close relationship enables an efficient realization of the most creative design ideas into stunning eyepieces that combine craftsmanship and minimalism. Götti have won several prestigious international awards for their eyewear, including the gold prize in the 2017 IDA International Design Awards, the Optician Awards 2018 "Frame of the Year" in Birmingham, the IF Design Awards 2019 "Eyewear of the Year", and many other prizes. Also, the brand was awarded the Swiss Economic Award in acknowledgement of its success story in 2008.


      The Perspective and Dimension collections by Götti represent iconic frames packed full of innovation and optimization. Utilizing new, premium-grade materials and improved manufacturing processes while staying true to Swiss quality standards, the brand creates real works-of-art. The Götti Perspective is a rimless collection characterized by utmost technical precision and a sophisticated aesthetic. The patented construction of these spectacles is based strictly on screw-less connections. The result is an extremely comfortable frame, which allows for limitless creativity: a spectrum of colors can be freely combined with each other. These consistently minimalistic eyepieces demonstrate lots of character.

      The Götti Dimension collection was created for sustainable individualists who’re striving to protect the earth’s resources. Made utilizing 3D printing, the frames are extremely lightweight, highly durable and come with a seductive matte finish, which creates a modern urban appearance. The basic material is polyamide fed as a fine powder into the SLS printer which then builds up the shape layer by layer with a laser beam. Thanks to targeted production, the lens size, temple length, and nose bridge can be selected to ensure a seamless fit. Look through all Götticollectionsto choose a unique pair of glasses that will perfectly show off your personality! EuroOptica is your one-stop shop for authentic Götti eyewear.