Fred Paris™ Eyewear

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      Fred® FG40038 - Green Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40038 - Brown Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40038
      Fred® FG40037 - Blue Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40037 - Smoke Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40037
      Fred® FG40035 - Smoke Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40035 - Blue Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40035
      Fred® FG40034 - Blue Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40034 - Smoke Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40034
      Fred® FG40032 - Gold-tone Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40032 - Gold-tone Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40032
      Fred® FG40036 - Smoke Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40036 - Blue Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40036
      Fred® FG40031 - Golden pink Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40031 - Brown Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40031
      Fred® FG40030 - Blue Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40030 - Black Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40030
      Fred® FG40028 - Light red and gold-tone Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40028 - Light blue and silver-tone Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40028
      Fred® FG40027 - Brown Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40027 - Black gilded Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40027
      Fred® FG40026 - Gold-tone Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40026 - Black Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40026
      Fred® FG40025 - Black and gold-tone Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40025 - Brown Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40025
      Fred® FG40024 - Brown Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40024 - Brown Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40024
      Fred® FG40023 - Blue Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40023 - Black Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40023
      Fred® FG40022 - Blue gilded Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40022 - Gilded pink Sunglasses
      Fred® FG40022

      Synonymous with creative audacity and relaxed sophistication, the Maison FRED is celebrated all over the globe for its unrivaled jewelry creations. From bold and brightly-colored bracelets to elegant and feminine earrings to exquisite eyewear in gold and diamonds, – all jewelry pieces by Fred are truly outstanding. Founded in 1936 by Fred Samuel, the Maison boasts expertise in crafting unique, distinctive designs that combine exquisite refinement and versatility to express each individual personality. A free and joyful spirit transforms each creation into a celebration of happiness, lighting up life’s memorable moments both big and small.

      The founder’s core values of joie de vivre remain at the heart of FRED Paris today, inspiring each of its collections. His jewelry became the signature of a contemporary glamor and sparkling, relaxed elegance. Since 1995, the company has been owned by the LVMH Group, a French luxury goods conglomerate which is now home to 75 iconic Maisons, including Christian Dior, Bvlgari, Fendi, Kenzo, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney. Nowadays, FRED Paris is one of the most famous jewelry manufacturers worldwide and counts more than fifty of its own shops and various retail outlets in some thirty countries around the world.


      For nearly a century, FRED has been recognized for designing fine jewelry, and it’s no wonder that its eyewear made it to the industry. All FRED glasses are created with impeccable luxury and refined style. These unique pieces feature subtle touches of diamonds, gemstones, and engravings and are hand-made in Paris. The first eyewear collection by FRED called “Force 10” was presented in 1988 and produced by Thélios, the eyewear expert of LVMH. The collection combines premium materials with Italian craftsmanship while embracing Maison FRED’s core values: unrivaled creativity and sheer versatility. Inspired by FRED’s history of sailing, marine cables and the Mediterranean Sea, the collection introduces both optical and sunglass models.

      Inspired by the brand’s Force 10 iconic bracelet, which reflects both modern fashion and the maritime influence behind its inception, the eyewear collection contains eight styles. The frames and the temples are a combination of gilded metal, rhodium and shiny acetate and reflect the iconic codes of the Force 10 collection with a marine cable and a buckle. The other two FRED’s eyewear collections, the Chance Infinie and Pretty Woman, celebrate the strength and softness of femininity. Inspired by the lemniscate, a sign of infinity and eternity, the Infinite Chance frames reflect the iconic code of the collection with a buckle in a figure of 8. The Pretty Woman collection celebrates love and dedication to it and features the iconic heart motif at the temples.


      Fred Samuel was destined to become a world-famous jeweler. Born in 1908 in Argentina into a family dealing with precious stones, he felt a passion for cultured pearls and won recognition as a leading expert in the field. From the early 1950s, colorful stones ignited the designer’s creativity when the Nepalese king and queen commissioned from him jewelry to embellish the court saris. Taking inspiration from bright, shimmering silks, he mirrored their hues with an incredible palette of diamonds and sapphires. Fred’s creative instincts and fine craftsmanship skills earned him recognition from Hollywood stars such as Marlene Dietrich, Mary Pickford, Barbara Hutton and others. From the 1960s onwards, the company experienced sustained growth when Fred Samuel’s sons, Henri and Jean, joined the business.

      Together with his sons, Fred opened various boutiques in France, United States, and Monaco. When the company inaugurated a boutique in Monaco in 1976, in the presence of Grace Kelly, Fred became jeweler and supplier to the royal family. For Fred Samuel, this inauguration was a turning point in his career. In the 1990s, Fred became one of the world’s top ten jewelers and was acquired by the LVMH group. Today, Maison FRED honors its founder’s infinite love of color and sunlight with its sun-infused creations. We, at EuroOptica, are very proud to be an authorized distributor of FRED Paris eyewear in Manhattan, NY and invite you to discover the incredible collection of dazzling frames that stand for an elegant and timeless style.