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    Etnia Barcelona


      The brand Etnia Barcelona was launched in 2001 by David Pellicer who has inherited his passion for glasses from his grandfather, Fulgencio Ramo, who founded his own factory that produced refined sunglasses since the 1950s. From the very first collection of eye-catching shades, the bold and exclusive frames of Etnia Barcelona feature freedom, individuality, and attractive colors. The brand has developed its exclusive color palettes thanks to detailed research of arts, street trends, and runway. The eyewear company designs fashionable and durable frames for adults and kids to be a perfect complement to any modern outfit.

      Etnia Barcelona is a Spanish company that takes its inspiration from the beautiful and amazing city of Barcelona. This is a dynamic and energetic place that includes bright tones, innovative things, and lives at a high speed. The brand’s character was formed by the heart of Barcelona that looks forward to the future but doesn’t forget its historical roots. Dare and bright frames from the talented manufacturer are waiting for you in our store inManhattan, New York at 280 Columbus Ave. We are proud to be an official distributor of unique sunglasses from Etnia Barcelona that reflect the company’s history and offer perfect quality.


      Great quality, bright colors, and Spanish culture are the main synonyms of glasses from Etnia Barcelona that feature Mediterranean spirit, independent look, and rebel. The eyewear company’s creator built a distinctive and unique label with bright reds and yellows in his sophisticated and bold designs. Some frames mix two or even three vibrant tones to be a perfect complement to any outfit of modern and fashion-forward men, women, and kids. There are many celebrities who have chosen distinctive and stylish eyewear from Etnia Barcelona like Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum, Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Emma Roberts, and others.

      The company uses only natural lightweight materials in production, including wood, mineral glass, and acetate to deliver excellent comfort and functionality to every wearer. Only recyclable materials are used for the packaging glasses: a cotton case and a protective bag for spectacles are made from biodegradable corn starch because the brand cares about the environment. Moreover, the label creates healthy offices for workers to create more sustainable and eco-friendly spaces that help improve the brand’s coworkers’ lives. Etnia Barcelona has a foundation that helps people to improve their visual health and have a higher quality of their life.


      Launched in 2001, the Spanish company Etnia Barcelona is headed by David Pellicer who actually spent his childhood at the eyewear factory of his parents. David’s grandfather, Fulgencio Ramo, had a great passion for glasses and established his own factory in Poble Sec in the 1950s. Later, Federico’s daughters continued the father’s business, and the company was developed even after his death. During the second generation, the brand was designing and selling eyewear to all of Spain in the late 90s. David Pellicer had a wide experience and deep knowledge about glasses because he worked at the factory of the family since he was 17 years old.

      Etnia Barcelona is a Spanish brand that grew up from three experienced generations of family members and inherited technical skills and meticulous attention to every detail when it comes to high-quality eyewear. Spectacles from this company are a mix of interesting history and traditions with artistic freedom and the spirit of Barcelona. Thanks to David Pellicer, new bright colors were used in the production of stylish and eye-catching frames for all ages. The brand Etnia Barcelona has brought an idea of being free and respectful to all ethnicities, and it creates frames for people who can express their individuality through art and vibrant colors.