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    Cutler and Gross

      Cutler and Gross® 1306 - Black
      Cutler and Gross® 1306 - Dark Turtle
      Cutler and Gross® 1306
      Cutler and Gross® 1397 Sun - Black
      Cutler and Gross® 1397 Sun - Havana
      Cutler and Gross® SN 1397
      Cutler and Gross® 1365 - Matt Black
      Cutler and Gross® 1365 - Matt Brown on Light Turtle
      Cutler and Gross® 1365
      Cutler and Gross® 1380 - Black
      Cutler and Gross® 1380 - Dark Turtle
      Cutler and Gross® 1380
      Cutler and Gross® 1361 - Black
      Cutler and Gross® 1361 - Dark Turtle
      Cutler and Gross® 1361
      Cutler and Gross® 9101 - Granny Chic
      Cutler and Gross® 9101 - Crystal
      Cutler and Gross® 9101
      from $563.00
      Cutler and Gross® 1350 - Bordeaux Red
      Cutler and Gross® 1350 - Black
      Cutler and Gross® 1350
      Cutler and Gross® 1396 - Black
      Cutler and Gross® 1396 - Black on Camo
      Cutler and Gross® 1396
      Cutler and Gross® 1302 - Ultraviolet
      Cutler and Gross® 1302 - Black
      Cutler and Gross® 1302
      Cutler and Gross® 1391 Sun - Black
      Cutler and Gross® 1391 Sun - Brush Stroke
      Cutler and Gross® SN 1391
      Cutler and Gross® 1355 - Black Taxi
      Cutler and Gross® 1355 - Whiskey
      Cutler and Gross® 1355
      Cutler and Gross® 1298 - Blue on Black
      Cutler And Gross® 1298 Dark Turtle
      Cutler and Gross® 1298
      Cutler and Gross® 1384 - Smoky Quartz
      Cutler And Gross® 1384 Cola Crystal
      Cutler and Gross® 1384
      Cutler and Gross® 1356 - Black Taxi
      Cutler and Gross® 1356 - Dark Turtle
      Cutler and Gross® 1356
      Cutler and Gross® 1379 - Black
      Cutler and Gross® 1379 - Dark Turtle
      Cutler and Gross® 1379

      Cutler and Gross is not just an eyewear brand; it is a fully-fledged mecca for artists, writers, rock stars, and royalty. Built on friendship and the mutual love for architecture, the brand embodies the perfect balance of exquisite taste and technicality. For over 50 years, Cutler and Gross has created hundreds of fashionable eyewear designs that were much imitated, but never surpassed. By making bold and eccentric glasses, they altered the faces of generations. With every masterfully sculpted curve, line or detail, their boldness, character and authenticity have the power to inspire people, giving them an opportunity to be different, to be an individual. Cutler and Gross don’t just make glasses – they are optical architects who have cemented their reputation as an industry leader in eyewear.

      Hand-crafted excellence, the highest-quality raw materials and a seemingly boundless enthusiasm are those cornerstones that Cutler and Gross has been built on to ensure they produce eyewear styles that celebrate the clarity of vision and diversity. Made in Italy by experienced craftsmen who champion the art of creating every frame individually, the Cutler and Gross sunglasses and optical frames are functional and timeless pieces that are design-led. Sharp and contemporary silhouettes are uniquely numbered and embellished with subtle branding on the inside of the temples. By mixing elegance, inspiration and innovative craft, the renowned brand transformed modern-day attitudes to eyewear. It’s a philosophy that has endured for over half a century and continues to shape the Cutler and Gross eyewear collections to this day.


      ‘It’s nice if glasses can be sexy and mysterious. If you’re wearing Cutler and Gross glasses, you’re the only one who knows,’- said Tony Gross, one of the founders of the British brand. Together with his friend Graham Cutler, Mr. Gross has created a mecca for those seeking irrefutably cool spectacles that provide much more than 20:20 vision. The alliance of Tony Gross’ flair and extravagance and the scrupulous, detail-driven characteristics of Graham Cutler became the solid foundation for the authentic eyewear brand. Striving to change the face of 21st century eyewear, this creative duo combines the finest Italian craftsmanship with modern and urban style.Their hand-made, bespoke sunglasses and optical frames were the natural choice for many a discerning customer, who valued the Cutler and Gross commitment to ultimate quality, perfect fit and bold design.

      For over 50 years now, Cutler and Gross has been at the forefront of the eyewear industry - as trailblazers, revolutionists and disruptors. The first eyewear models by the brand were handcrafted by the legendary frame maker George Smith.But the demand quickly outpaced the capacities of Smith’s workshop and so the company has shifted production to Italy. Nowadays, it produces its top-grade frames in Cadore,where expert craftsmen continue the artisanal tradition. Over the years, many celebrities and influencers have been spotted wearing Cutler and Gross glasses. For instance, Martin Scorsesecelebrated his first Oscar win for “The Departed“ in 2007 in the 0432 Optical model. Rihannawore the now archived 1053 for the premiere of “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets''. And let’s not forgetMeryl Streepwho wore the 1102 cat-eye frame to the Oscars in 2018. The brand has fans around the globe and they love the subtlety and precision of the brand.


      The British eyewear brand Cutler and Gross was founded by two friends Graham Cutler and Tony Gross in 1969. Sons of doctors, the future companions met whilst studying to become ophthalmic opticians at Northampton College in the early 1960s. The pair had a mutual passion for art, fashion and design that was the catalyst behind founding their own optical brand. It was a very successful alliance that met both partners' expectations and resulted in opulent eyewear designs that became legendary. Throughout the 1980s and beyond, Cutler and Gross was a pioneering force in eyewear as it was on a task to make glasses a true fashion accessory. A mission they have accomplished. Besides the founders,Marie Wilkinson played a significant role as a creative designer of the brand. She has been with the brand since its inception in 1982.

      As well as their main boutique in London's Knightsbridge district, Cutler and Gross have a 'vintage' store in Knightsbridge, which is on the list of "The 100 Best Shops in London." Also, in 2011, the renowned eyewear brand launched the museum, spanning the top floor of their Knightsbridge store. The floor is filled with more than four thousand iconic frames that date back to 1969 and has the bespoke service mirrored room, where the Cluster and Gross’ fans can create their own glasses. Additionally, the brand has over 2,000 stores in 60 countries worldwide that share the brand’s passion for craftsmanship, attention to detail and special design language. We, at EuroOptica, are proud to be a certified retailer of the legendary Cutler and Gross glasses in Manhattan, New York. Visit our store at 280 Columbus Ave (corner of W 73rd St) New York, to explore the full collection of iconic sunglasses and optical frames.


      For fall 2022 Cutler and Gross is presenting a new eyewear collection called “The Curation” taking inspiration from Graham Cutler’s comprehensive personal archive of 1950s and 1960s American books, films, books, and eyewear. The design team has carefully examined the archive, focusing on the amazing technical details found on these iconic frames as well as their authentic design. Paying homage to the legendary icons of Hollywood’s silver screen, and groundbreaking American musicians whose style and swagger defined that epoch, the frames within the collection are sculptural in design and crafted with robust reinforced temples. Sophisticated and charming, these Cutler and Gross glasses nod to ‘Hollywood’s Golden Era,” whilst maintaining a distinctly modern edge.

      Most of the Cutler and Gross glasses are made from the finest Italian acetate. Although throughout the brand’s history there were also aluminum, titanium, Perspex and combination frames, the main focus has always been on acetate frames. The manufacturer utilizes 9mm and 10mm acetates and special lamination techniques, which make Cutler and Gross optical frames and shades unique and authentic. Also, they boast an amazing selection of custom colors and transparent acetates revealing the hardware of the frames. That’s why, to fans throughout the globe, Cutler and Gross glasses are instantly recognizable without any logo or branding. Since the very beginning till now, the brand has been driven by a simple principle: when it comes to eyewear, it’s not just about how we see the world, it’s about how others see us.