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      Chloé is a French fashion brand launched in 1952 by Gaby Aghion who created luxury clothing for women to express their femininity and emphasize beautiful looks. Over the years, this company became a synonym of bohemian style characterized by soft and distinctive apparel and accessories, including refined collections of eyewear. Gaby has rejected the formality in women’s fashion of the 1950s and created a line of opulent Prêt-à-Porter apparel that looked quite different from the standards of that time. The label had a range of well-known talented designers like Phoebe Philo, Karl Lagerfeld, Paulo Melim Andersson, Martine Sitbon, and Stella McCartney.

      Elegant and distinctive collections of eyeglasses and sunglasses crafted by Chloé feature eye-catching details, lightweight and refined frames, and charming color mixes. Sleek and stylish spectacles are crafted by the most talented artisans who pay meticulous attention to every detail. Chloé makes exclusive and trendy accessories for contemporary women who appreciate elegance, charm, precise fit, authenticity, and unmatched comfort. Sophisticated and fashionable frames for elegant women are introduced in our optical store in Manhattan, New York at 280 Columbus Ave. We are glad to offer 100% original glasses from Chloé for customers who prefer excellent quality. 


      The famous founder of Chloé French fashion house, Gaby Aghion, was born in Alexandria, Egypt and moved to Paris when World War II ended. Gaby was a very attractive woman who brought a new style to the ladies’ fashion of the 1950s. She took inspiration from graceful and beautiful images of Christian Dior and decided to create her own line of luxury and distinctive clothes. This started from her first small collection of refined dresses and soon turned into a new brand Chloé launched in 1952 and named after Chloé Huysmans, a close friend of Gaby Aghion.

      Over the years, the label had many famed designers who helped develop the company, but the main style of Chloé remained the same – it was the image of everyday opulence and elegant look. The label was synonymous with Karl Lagerfeld who headed the fashion house since 1964. Stella McCartney has brought to Chloé charm with embroidery and lace. Apart from opulent clothes for ladies, the company offers sophisticated collections of eye-catching eyeglasses and sunglasses to complete any outfit with a touch of elegance, femininity, and charm. The brand offers a wide assortment of frames in various styles, shapes, and colors to satisfy even the most demandable clients.


      Gaby Aghion launched her brand Chloé in 1952 to bring the newest style for women with feminine Parisian aesthetic and opulent-boho looks. The talented designer was from Egypt, but in 1945 she moved to Paris and brought her excellent idea of innovation in a world of fashion for ladies. Being an innovator, she has rejected the standards and introduced a sophisticated line of exclusive clothes and accessories for women. In 1964, Karl Lagerfeld headed the design department of the well-known brand. He kept this position till 1983, until his departure to the Chanel company.

      Martine Silborn continued the development of the label since 1987 to keep the reputation of the Chloé brand on the highest level. In 1997, the company got a new creative director, Stella McCartney. She worked with the brand for four years until Stella started to create her own label, and in 2001, Phoebe Philo became a new creative director of Chloé. Later, in 2011, the brand was headed by Clare Waight Keller who worked in Gucci and Pringle. In 2017, Natacha Ramsay Levi started to develop the French brand to create new avant-garde collections of distinctive clothes and stylish accessories.