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      Bottega Veneta® BV1167S - Green / Green Mirrored Sunglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1167S - Black / Smoke Mirrored Sunglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1167S
      Bottega Veneta® BV1159O - Black Eyeglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1159O - Gold Eyeglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1159O
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      Bottega Veneta® BV1158O - Black Eyeglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1158O - Gold Eyeglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1158O
      Bottega Veneta® BV1157O - Black Eyeglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1157O - Havana Eyeglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1157O
      Bottega Veneta® BV1156O - Black Eyeglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1156O - Havana Eyeglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1156O
      Bottega Veneta® BV1155O - Black Eyeglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1155O - Havana Eyeglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1155O
      Bottega Veneta® BV1154O - Black Eyeglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1154O - Havana Eyeglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1154O
      Bottega Veneta® BV1153O - Black Eyeglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1153O - Havana Eyeglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1153O
      Bottega Veneta® BV1152O - Black Eyeglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1152O - Havana Eyeglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1152O
      Bottega Veneta® BV1151SA - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1151SA - Havana / Brown Sunglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1151SA
      from $368.55
      Bottega Veneta® BV1148S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1148S - Gold / Gold Mirrored Sunglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1148S
      Bottega Veneta® BV1147S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1147S - Havana / Brown Sunglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1147S
      from $368.55
      Bottega Veneta® BV1146S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1146S - Havana / Brown Sunglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1146S
      Bottega Veneta® BV1145S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1145S - Havana / Brown Sunglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1145S
      from $368.55
      Bottega Veneta® BV1144S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1144S - Havana / Brown Sunglasses
      Bottega Veneta® BV1144S

      Sophistication, beauty, absolute quality - all this defines the Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta. Today it is known and loved all over the world. However, the history of Bottega Veneta began with narrow-profile leather production. The transformation into a luxury brand happened so naturally that it can be easily called a reference. While other trademarks competed for the originality of the logo, Bottega Veneta created original and high-quality products. A balance of manual craftsmanship and technology, exceptional aesthetics, as well as discreet elegance - for several seasons, the creative director of the brand, Thomas Mayer, has been creating collections on the verge of exquisite beauty and uncompromising quality.

      The first collection of Bottega Veneta frames and sunglasses was launched in 2003. Like the brand's iconic leathers, each pair of eyewear features the signature intrecciato weave styling, with no traditional logo. The brand uses high-quality materials such as acetate, and lightweight metal in the production of its sunglasses. All frames, without exception, are constructed in the best traditions of the Bottega Veneta fashion house. All of their designs, characterized by restrained lines and noble forms, are created according to a rigorous process and therefore set them apart from other sunglasses. Bottega Veneta optic products are made in Italy and distributed worldwide by the Kering group in Europe.


      At first, everything that was produced under the Bottega Veneta brand could be afforded by a few people, since the fundamental position of the founders was that only first-class quality materials were used in the production of items. From the very beginning of the brand’s history, the focus has been on quality and craftsmanship, not on marketing. The leather products of the company themselves found their buyer among the aristocracy. Therefore, at the very beginning of development, the popularity of the trade name was not too high. However, the Bottega Veneta catalog soon became of interest to more popular and noble fashion houses.

      The Bottega Veneta brand is an icon of luxury lifestyle and aristocratic style. The elegant design is emphasized in every element. Each product produced by craftsmen is recognizable due to its unusual execution and characteristic patterns. This company introduced the concept of “Demi-Couture”, which translates as “high-quality product”, into the world of fashion. Now this phrase denotes truly unique products. These include everything that the brand produces. The thoroughness of complex finishes, the absence of excessive pretentiousness, and the simplicity of form - this is how one can briefly describe any item from the Bottega Veneta collections.


      The Bottega Veneta brand was created in 1966 in Vicenza by two partners, Michele Taddei and Renzo Cenjaro. The company, whose name today evokes persistent associations with luxury accessories, in the early years of its existence produced leather goods and sewed accessories to order for other European fashion houses. The first bag under its own brand was introduced in the late 60s. The debut model was the one with a unique Intrecciato technique, in which ribbons of very thin leather are interlaced so that they form a diamond pattern. This weaving, which has become the hallmark of the brand, allowed the company to completely abandon the logo.

      Not so long ago, Bottega Veneta had 2 anniversaries - 50 years since its founding and 15 years of Thomas Mayer's tenure as creative director. Today the company owns boutiques in 43 countries, where fashionistas can buy not only accessories and clothes but also interior items. Its production is located in a reconstructed 18th-century villa in Montebello Vicentino, with offices in Lugano and Milan. Moreover, in order to preserve and pass on to future generations the tradition of handmade leather, the school La Scuola dei Maestri Pellettieri di Bottega Veneta was opened, where they teach the craft and new technologies.


      Currently, Bottega Veneta continues to replenish and produce collections of bags, clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, furniture, and interior items. Brand fans are present in every country. The famous Bottega Veneta eyewear, like its bags, is becoming the face of the company because hardly anyone can resist the splendor of the accessory. The principles of the company in the manufacture of glasses have not changed significantly: each is made by the hands of masters. The difficulty of implementation is very significant, one product takes at least two days. Bottega Veneta is an ultra-luxury brand whose exquisite pieces are designed for true aristocrats and art connoisseurs. 

      Simplicity and luxury have merged together, creating an elegant accessory for any occasion. A variety of shapes, from elegant Butterflies to vintage-inspired rounds, draws the attention of many fans to the brand’s eyewear. There is lightness and a sense of freedom, purity, and amazing chic in it. Bottega Veneta frames are made from high-impact acetate, lacquered titanium, or light non-precious metal alloy, coated in various shades. Masters of the brand complement the glasses with flat lenses with an anti-reflective effect and a high degree of darkening. The temples are decorated with handmade inserts made of soft thin leather or engraved in the form of intrecciato weaving, which is iconic for the brand's products. Gold-plated rivets are also used to decorate Bottega Veneta sunglasses.