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      Berluti is a world-known brand that creates and retails a luxury label of boots and shoes for contemporary and self-confident men. This manufacturer also designs and sells an opulent line of leather goods, including bags, wallets, jackets, and belts. Being a family business, Berluti was launched in Italy by Alessandro Berluti in 1895. The brand has a limited distribution – its products can be found just in several boutiques in the USA and Europe. Berluti is always synonymous with elegance, impeccable style, and excellent quality. The company uses the best materials to create its famous garments and accessories, including stunning collections of men’s eyewear.Bold and eye-catching, Berluti glasses look timeless and stylish to suit men with various face shapes and tastes. Each pair of spectacles takes up the brand’s signature patina and its famed ‘Scritto’ styles, creating exclusive and elegant looks based on the company’s rich heritage and traditions. If you are looking for a stylish pair of elegant and luxury eyeglasses or sunglasses for men, Stop by one of our two boutiques in Manhattan, New York located on the Upper West Side (280 Columbus Ave) and Upper East Side (1249 3rd Ave), and discover a wide range of refined frames. As an official retailer of the French brand in Manhattan, NY,EuroOptica offers only 100% authentic Berluti eyewear.


      Since its foundation, the Berluti brand has cultivated skilled craftsmanship of exceptional understanding of footwear production. As a result, the company creates elegant and comfortable shoes, leather goods, and accessories of premium quality for those men who prefer incredible and exclusive items. Only the most experienced specialists work in the team to make perfect products using only top-rated materials and unique techniques. Artisans of Berluti pay meticulous attention to every detail to deliver ideally crafted items with unmatched comfort and durability. Built by four generations of shoemakers, the company keeps developing its technologies and expanding the assortment of products.

      Berluti’s target clients are successful and self-confident men who appreciate the exceptional quality, luxury look, and elegance in every detail. The brand’s stunning shoes and accessories are inspired by architectural accents and focused on clean details and straight lines. Being a family-run business, it features artistic boldness and impeccable style to follow the tastes of famous people, including Alain Delon, Andy Warhol, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Robert De Niro, and many others who chose this Parisian brand. Nowadays, Berluti is known all over the world not only for its leather bags and finest shoes but also for its ready-to-wear and incredible accessories, including eye-catching eyewear collections.


      Being a world-known leather maker, the Berluti company was founded in Paris by Alessandro Berluti in 1895. The brand creates luxury boots and shoes for men from alligator skin, kangaroo leather, and calfskin. In 1993, the LVMH group acquired the well-known brand, and since 2012, the company has been headed by Antoine Arnault, son of the LVMH’s CEO Bernard Arnault. The same year, Berluti acquired a tailoring company in Paris Arny’s and introduced its first menswear collection filled with eye-catching and elegant pieces. Isabella Capece Galeota became the brand’s director of image and communications in 2014

      In 2017, Berluti was named by Business of Fashion among the 16 best teams that made success in the fashion industry. The manufacturing is located in Gaibanella and the quality control center of the brand headquarters in Paris. The style of collections of Berluti is set by a combination of old traditions and modern changes. By abstracting its rich heritage in a free-spirited image of our time, the brand creates timeless and fashionable pieces of art. The artistic director of the company, Kris Van Assche who worked with Berluti from 2018 to 2021 relies on the exchange between present and past to design unique and impressive clothes and refined accessories.