Your Eyes Deserve Progressive Lenses from Varilux

Varilux Progressive Lenses for Clear and Sharp Vision

Your eyes and your vision are quite important, so you need to care for them properly. You should understand that if you are wearing eyeglasses, ignoring the quality of their lenses can lead to headaches and blurred vision. Close to the age of 40, every person is getting close to being affected by presbyopia –– it’s a problem seeing things up close. The main sign of this problem occurs when you are holding your smartphone at the length of your arm trying to read something, and small characters on the screen seem blurry. But the good news is you can get a completely natural vision thanks to progressive lenses from Varilux based on modern technologies and the latest innovations in the sphere of lens production. 

Varilux Progressive Lenses for Blurred Vision or Presbyopia

If we try to remember historical facts, the first glasses were made in the 14th century. People of those times were wearing monocles – it was a single lens held between the cheekbone’s top and an eyebrow’s arch. The first frames with temples as we know in our times debuted in 1752. In 1959, the Varilux company that belongs to Essilor Group created its first progressive lens that offered correcting vision both at far and near distances, offering clear and excellent eyesight. But there were several disadvantages like distortion and dizziness. Over time, Varilux has improved the lens production and started to make high-quality and innovative progressive lenses to deliver unmatched comfort and wonderful vision, whatever problem with eyes you have. Nowadays, corrective lenses from Varilux offer almost unlimited options to correct vision, and it means every person can get more comfort wearing eyeglasses. 

Varilux Progressive Lenses Feature Innovative Technologies

Outstanding technologies set the Varilux company apart from others, making it a popular and trusted brand that helps millions of people all over the globe to see the world better. Thanks to modern technologies developed by Varilux, you can see the world better and brighter with progressive lenses, improving the quality of your life significantly!

Advantages of Varilux Progressive Lenses Help Improve Vision
  • Say no to dizziness. With Nanoptix™ technology, you can move your head and go down the stairs without any dizziness. Move freely with confidence and clear vision! This technology is used in the Varilux X Series lenses.
  • Have an instant focus. Thanks to the powerful Xtend™ Technology, your vision will always be well-focused without problems.
  • Get a cleaner and sharper vision. Every pair of progressive lenses from Varilux features the W.A.V.E.™ technology to avoid blurriness and get a sharp vision, even in low-light conditions.
  • Your eyes can work better. With an innovative SynchronEyes™ Technology, your vision will be improved in any situation. This technology is applied in progressive lenses Varilux X Series and Varilux Physio. 
  • Improve your vision. Thanks to the revolutionary Flex Optim™ Technology that is used in Varilux Comfort Max lenses, your vision can be improved by stretching the useful zone of vision up to 46%.   
Original and Top-Quality Varilux Progressive Lenses for Glasses

Before Varilux makes its progressive lenses available for clients, all its products are tested by people who wear glasses to make sure the developed product satisfies their requirements and needs. Each pair of lenses comes with a 180-day guarantee and authenticity certificate. Our optical store EuroOptica™ in New York provides a wide selection of original progressive lenses from Varilux to match your visual needs.