Winter Magic from LINDBERG. Begin the New Year in a New Pair of Highly Sophisticated Glasses

Lindberg Titanium Eyewear Air Rim Frames

Winter is a magical season everywhere in the world. It is a perfect time for inner growth and inspiration. The colder weather is setting in, the more we wish to snuggle down and get cosy. Winter is the time for comfort, for tasty food, hot drinks, warm clothes and perfectly matching accessories.

LINDBERG is one of the most skilled eyewear manufacturers, which is born from the Danish design tradition of classic elegance, carefully selected materials, unmatched functionality and exceptional comfort. Look through the fresh wintery setting with LINDBERG eyewear in deep colors and hues of golden brown and grey that stand beautifully against the textured layers of white, fresh fallen snow. The pictures embrace the natural seasonal colors in its simple expression that enhance the stunning details of the LINDBERG eyewear.

Feather light and ultra-stylish, LINDBERG frames are just perfect for those who wear glasses daily. A result of creative use of premium-grade titanium and acetate, these pieces of art are a modern design statement that can’t go unnoticed! We, at EuroOptica, NY, are very proud to be a certified distributor of refined LINDBERG eyewear and offer you the hottest optical frames and sunglasses from the latest collections. The extraordinary designs of this photo series speak for themselves.

Lindberg Titanium Rim Geometric Frames with Spiral Hinge

Karen P60/K272 – LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim Collection

Looking for special glasses with original design? The Air Titanium Rim collection from LINDBERG will have you covered! Perfect wire frame eyewear features uncompromising contemporary design inspired by the modern movement of functionalism and sleek minimalist aesthetics. No excessive decoration, no screws or welded parts…simply a lightweight and expertly crafted frame with the signature spiral hinge.

2424/616 – P10/10/GC82 

2442/616 GT/SL89 

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium Collection

The ultra-lightweight rimless glasses from the Spirit Titanium Collection are ideal accessories for those seeking absolute minimalism. To bring extra expression to classic rimless frames, LINDBERG added the iconic spirit hinge, which is the perfect embodiment of the collection as a whole: sleek, subtle, comfortable.

Lindberg Strip Titanium Ultra Lightweight Octagonal Frame

9606/407 – P10/GC102 – LINDBERG Strip Titanium Collection

Masterfully crafted by using premium-quality titanium strips, the impressive glasses from the Strip Titanium Collection are the perfect mix of style and durability. The range includes ingenious designs that are as well-crafted as they are varied in look: the full metal fronts give a streamlined look that can’t go unnoticed.

Lindberg Strip Titanium Ultra Lightweight Cat-Eye Round Frame

9747/415 – K157/GC77/U15 – LINDBERG Strip Titanium Collection 

If you’re striving for an expressive look but don’t want a bulky frame, discover the n.o.w. Titanium Collection from LINDBERG. Slim and light yet highly striking glasses feature ultra-lightweight titanium temples and thin composite fronts that come in discreet transparent polished, semi-transparent or matt colors for a soft, translucent look. 

Lindberg n.o.w. Titanium Ultra Lightweight Square Geometric Optical Frame

6578/802 – D16/PU9 – LINDBERG n.o.w. Titanium Collection 

6586/802 – D15/P10 

6601 C01/PU9/GC82 

LINDBERG n.o.w. Titanium Collection

Whichever LINDBERG collection and frame is chosen, its design, color, size and length can all be changed and put together in a whole new way in order to create a one-of-a-kind pair of spectacles that is 100% authentic, 100% LINDBERG and 100% yours. Welcome to our optical store at 280 Columbus Ave (corner of W 73rd St) New York, to get a unique, personalized look, fit and style from LINDBERG.