Understated Round Glasses from Sabine Be – Vintage Look with a Modern Touch

Sabine Be Round Glasses

Legends live on, and in fashion history, there are things that will never go out of style. From elegant to eccentric, round glasses have forever carved a special place in history. Throughout the last century, round spectacles have been associated with everyone, from world-famous stars to intellectual thinkers and politicians.

Round frames create a vintage, geek-chic look that perfectly suits trailblazers and visionaries; real-life creatives who see the world differently than others, and are fine with forging their own path in life. If you belong to the category of people, Sabine Be with its mesmerizing and totally unique eyewear designs is your one-stop shop. Sabine Be glasses feature seductive and provocative geometric shapes created to evoke emotions and inspire you to live for the now.

Sabine Be Round Glasses
Sabine Be Round Optical Frames

Round Glasses by Sabine Be

Round frames take a special place in the Sabine Be eyewear collection: from translucent crystal acetate glasses to combined metal and acetate spectacles with a seventies style to asymmetrical and oversized metal styles with playful curves. The Be Addict and Be Groom frames are among the favorites here. Both models are masterfully handmade in France from premium-quality cellulose acetate. Perfectly round frames are offered in a stunning range of contrasting colors encouraging experimentation and individualistic expression.

Be Addict

Sabine Be Addict Sunglasses
Sabine Be Addict Eyeglasses

Be Addict Sun in col.142

Be Addict in col.72

Be Addict Sun Sabine Be
Be Addict Sabine Be

Be Addict Sun in col.378

Be Addict in col.271

If you want to add gentleness to your personality, while setting a standard for a simplistic design statement, the Be Addict frame is just what you need. The contrasting-colored acetate inserts give a special modern touch to the retro-inspired silhouette. Even the smallest detail is important here, from the hinges to temple endings. Everything plays its role, such as the eye-catching red-colored circle at the end of the temple that symbolizes the brand.

Be Groom

Be Groom Sunglasses Sabine Be
Be Groom Eyeglasses Sabine Be

Be Groom Sun in col.373

Be Groom in col.372

Sabine Be Groom Sun Round Glasses
Sabine Be Groom Round Glasses

Be Groom Sun in col.395

Be Groom in col.355

Style, bold colors and a perfect round shape make these glasses a perfect tool to reflect your inner world and fill your life with beauty and joy. The Be Groom easily links retro and modernity. The strong statement is highlighted with the contrasting inserts that literally break the round style, creating a surprising effect of the nonconformist design Sabine Be is recognized for. Exceptional glasses with superb technicality and a very recognizable style.

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