The Paraiso Collection by Motel a Miio x Andy Wolf – Sunglasses with a Portuguese Soul

Andy Wolf Paraiso Eyewear Collection 2022

Since its foundation in 2006, ANDY WOLF has taken responsibility for both people and nature. The renowned Austrian brand is about much more than just eyewear. It is an honest and direct company with a big vision – of combining traditional craftsmanship with modern, innovative design. All ANDY WOLF glasses are handcrafted in Austria and go through more than 90 steps to feature the perfectly even surface.

ANDY WOLF is famous for its fanfare-inciting collaborations: in 2021, the brand launched the limited edition sunglasses together with the German music duo DARREN and the limited beach collection designed in cooperation with the textile company VOSSEN. This year, ANDY WOLF joins forces with the tableware label Motel a Miio to present a unique collection called Paraiso, which consists of two pairs of sunglasses and two ceramic pieces in matching colors.

Andy Wolf Paraiso Sunglasses
Andy Wolf Acetate Sunglasses

Andy Wolf x Motel a Miio Paraiso Collection

What is it that brings these two different brands together, you may ask? The answer is simple: it is a deep love for the hot Portuguese sun and the sustainably handcrafted pieces. Motel a Miio x Andy Wolf attach great importance to local production. Thus, all products within the collection, both the shades and the ceramics are 100% handmade and produced locally in Austria and Portugal.

Andy Wolf Alba Sunglasses
Andy Wolf Paraiso Collection Alba

Motel a Miio is famous for its unique ceramics and crockery, inspired by the Mediterranean vibes and southern European joie de vivre. The unique designs are handpicked and painted, and feature a very dynamic shape, resembling the sinuosity of waves and water. The Motel a Miio x Andy Wolf Limited Edition Collection includes two ceramic pieces: the fine elegant tray ADAO and the colorful vase AURORA. The design is minimalistic, with the shades of white, pink and light blue evoking the sunset colors of Portuguese beaches and eye-catching landscapes.

Andy Wolf Alba Sunglasses
Andy Wolf Oversized Sunglasses

Alba Sunglasses from Andy Wolf x Motel a Miio Collaboration

When it comes to sunglasses, the collection offers a stunning duo: the ADAM and the ALBA, whose silhouettes echo those of the ceramics: one of the frames is rounder, resembling again the movement of waves, while the other – is squarer. The shades also come in summery colors – pink, sand brown and gold – just perfect for a tanned complexion gifted by the rays of summer days.

Andy Wolf Adam Sunglasses
Andy Wolf Panto Acetate Sunglasses

Adam Sunglasses from Andy Wolf x Motel a Miio Collaboration


The feminine ALBA is a slightly oversized and organically shaped frame with deliberately placed facets that give it depth and 3-dimensionality. A deep facet and a material thickness of 10 mm acetate make these shades the “ideal” partner of the deep ceramic vase AURORA by Motel a Miio.

The ADAM sunglasses by ANDY WOLF feature a classic panto silhouette with a subtle, slightly slanted inner facet all around the lens, reminiscent of the edge of a tablet. The special lens shape of the ADAM sunglasses was the inspiration for the fine elegant ADAO tray.  Both sunglasses fit all genders and face shapes and come in light colors that feel luminous and contemporary.

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