The Bestselling ProDesign CUT Sunglasses Are Now Presented as Optical Frames

ProDesign Denmark Cut Glasses

Ever since launching in 1973, ProDesign Denmark has combined a strong expertise in optics with a deep focus on design in order to create refined eyewear that is much more than its function. It’s in the intersection between masterful craftsmanship, thorough knowledge of materials and visionary ideas that the right pair of glasses is created. ProDesign Eyewear collections are rich in variety, yet always unique. Bold and innovative or classic evergreen designs – whatever style you choose, you get nothing but exceptional durability and comfortability - without compromising on look and feel.

ProDesign Cut Sunglasses
ProDesign Cut Black Sunglasses
ProDesign Cut Olive Sunglasses
ProDesign Cut Black Sunglasses

ProDesign CUT 1 Sunglasses in Olive-Green (9624)

ProDesign CUT 1 Sunglasses in Shiny Black (6032) 

Danish design is known all over the world for its sleek lines and sophistication. Inspired by functionalistic and elegant Nordic architecture, the Danish Heritage Collection from ProDesign celebrates striking simplicity and timeless choices. Every pair of glasses within the collection is picking up on urban style trends, providing eyewear styles that are both bold and edgy or minimalistic and raw.

ProDesign Denmark Cut 2 Sunglasses

ProDesign CUT 2 Sunglasses in Champagne Light Transparent (1515)

The bestselling ProDesign CUT sunglasses represent Danish design in all aspects - toned down and simple with understated details and matte acetate selections. Characterized by sheer volume and the carefully cut facets, the CUT has become an instant hit. Offered in three classic shapes – rectangular (CUT 1), rounded square (CUT 2) and panto (CUT 3), the shades are designed for urban dwellers, creatives and culturally conscious people.

ProDesign Denmark Cut 3 Panto Sunglasses

ProDesign CUT 3 Sunglasses in Gray Medium Transparent (6525)

For Fall 2022, ProDesign Denmark revisited the popular CUT concept with new optical styles. Offered in the same shapes, the CUT eyeglasses come in subtle and natural colors, clearly highlighting the form factor of each silhouette. Bold and visionary frames feature an all-acetate construction, well-defined front and temple facets and double-barrel hinges to provide the well-known feeling of solidity and completion.

ProDesign Cut 1 Optical Style

ProDesign CUT 1 Eyeglasses in Havana Dark Shiny (5532)

The CUT Concept proves that details matter. The design is a mix of shiny and matte combinations: each clean and elegant in its own way. Choose from stylish transparent colors such as Champagne, Gray, Gray-Brown and Olive-Green to shiny or matte Black and Havana.

ProDesign CUT 2 Eyeglasses

In addition to eye-catching style, the ProDesign CUT glasses provide unparalleled comfort: all CUT optical frames come with adjustable nose pads. Plus, the masterfully crafted facets — that start at the front and follow elegantly along the lower temple lines, make the frame not only look sleek but also feel incredible. Enjoy the bold look and amazing comfort of the ProDesign CUT glasses.

ProDesign Cut 3 Eyeglasses Olive
ProDesign Cut 3 Eyeglasses Havana
ProDesign Cut 3 Optical Frame in Olive
ProDesign Cut 3 Optical Frame in Havana

ProDesign CUT 3 Eyeglasses in Olive-Green (9624)

ProDesign CUT 3 Eyeglasses in Havana Light (5512)

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