Stories of Closeness in Difficult Times - New Eyewear Campaign by ANDY WOLF

Andy Wolf Prescription glasses Rediscoer 2021 Collection

The past year has given us a greater appreciation for what we used to take for granted and has made us look at many things from a new perspective: deeper and more consciously.

Being personal and approachable as well as uncompromising in their forward thinking, ANDY WOLF launches a new eyewear campaign called “Rediscover,” which portrays inspirational people and their personal journey of rediscovery over the past year.


New metal style 4771 from Andy Wolf Rediscover 2021 Collection

Fine metal lines: the delicate 4771 frame by Andy Wolf 

The 2021 campaign is also a celebration of ANDY WOLF’s 15th Anniversary. Created by Art Director Tim Tobias Zimmermann and shot by Bastian Thiery, it represents a wide variety of personalities in six different stories who are trying to answer the questions: what was their experience of the past year; what values do they want to take with them for the time ahead; and what did they rediscover? All heroes are wearing new opulent sunglasses and optical frames by ANDY WOLF.


New acetate style 4596 from Andy Wolf Rediscover 2021 Collection


The bold type: the panto frame 4596 in transparent red (col.08) and brown gradient (col.07) 

The main characters include the New Yorker Lilo, who discovered her passion for flowers while studying fashion design and managing a restaurant with her siblings; Femi, a Berlin theatre dancer who perfected the art of performing while everything stood still; the creative duo Ari and Vanessa, who rediscovered their love for craftsmanship and established a brand for handmade ceramics; AntoniaSilvia and Robert, a designer trio from Berlin who created a new interior label for adults and kids; and other inspirational people who have found a new way to express themselves in times of uncertainty.


Elegant Cat-Eye style 4762 from Andy Wolf Rediscover 2021 Collection 

Beautiful 4762 in col. 06 combining a metal frame with a chic Havanna-acetate inlay

Rediscover what already exists from a new perspective in new outstanding glasses from ANDY WOLF. Welcome to EuroOptica, NYC to see the full assortment of new frames from the Spring 2021 Campaign.