Spectacles 3 from Snap are Closing in

Spectacles 3 Snap

The high-tech camera-enabled sunglasses designed by Snap, the company behind Snapchat, first appeared in 2016. It aimed for recording social media moments on the go and share them with friends. That was an instant hit for users of the social network and there was a big buzz around them which died in just six months. It appeared that Spectacles are absolutely not ready for mainstream use: they were silly-looking, bulky, and awkward to use and to charge. It is considered that first two editions of Spectacles was a real disappointment both for Snap and for the owners of the innovative device. Snap reportedly lost $40 million on unsold inventory.

Since then, the glasses have been evolved and redesigned and the new version features with some major upgrade. Snap wants the third-gen Spectacles to be more than just a hands-free camera.

So what are the benefits of the third generation of Spectacles sunglasses with dual cameras designed to capture the world in 3D? First of all they include two HD cameras to achieve the 3D effects – one camera on each side of the frame. Capture 3D photos or press a button to record up to 60 seconds of footage with depth and dimension, add 3D filters, take pseudo 3D shots or add 3D Lens effects. Your shots and videos get wirelessly synced back to your phone and upload automatically into your Snapchat Memories. You can also upload that footage to your Snap Story. Audio is captured with four microphones. Unlike the earlier Snap Spectacles the new model made not from plastic but of a single sheet of stainless steel. The smart glasses are available in either black Carbon or gold-tinted Mineral and look really high-tech and stylish. Each pair comes with a charging case for storage and powering up (which charges via included USB-C). There’s 4 GB of storage on board, capable of holding around 100 videos or 1,200 photos. Photos can be captured at up to 1728 x 1728 px, and videos get a slightly reduced resolution of 1216 x 1216 px at 60 frames-per-second. Snap announces much more limited edition of Spectacles 3, compared to previous generations.