Shamir Introduces New Update to their Award-Winning Autograph Intelligence Lenses

Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ Lenses

When it comes to cutting-edge lens solutions, Shamir is the brand to rely on. And when it comes to progressive lenses, the Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ has no rivals. Presented in 2018, this Shamir’s flagship lens design has gained international recognition and won dozens of prestigious awards. The latest achievements are The Best Progressive Lens Brand 2022 Award (EYEVOTE Readers’ Choice - USA) and the Product of the Year 2022 Award (Premios Nacionales Vision y Audiologia - Spain). 

Shamir Autograph Intelligence Winner
Shamir Autograph Intelligence 2022 award

The Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ is the first progressive lens of its kind engineered from the continuing study of Big Data Research and Artificial Intelligence. In comparison to traditional progressive lenses which are based mostly on the measurements of the chosen frames or on lifestyle information from questionnaires, the Autograph Intelligence™ Lenses are optimally tailored to individual eyeglass wearers’ needs and visual age, and the first one to be continuously updated.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence 2022 Update

To create the award-winning and best-of-class bedrock lens design, Shamir examined the visual behavior and preferences of presbyopes of all ages between 40 and 80, by taking into account their Visual Age™ (refers to the physiological age of the eye correlated with the patient’s chronological age). After years of research, deep studies and rigorous tests, Shamir discovered that young presbyopes require a reliable solution for digital reading and support for dynamic vision; moderate presbyopes demonstrate more balanced needs, when all vision zones are equally important; and advanced presbyopes need a high-end solution for near and far vision.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence Visual Age
Shamir Autograph Intelligence Visual Age

Utilizing the patented innovative technologies and 12 unique design concepts, Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ closes the gap between visual needs that presbyopes of all ages want and require. The progressive lens design helps focus the wearer’s eyes precisely where they need them to be at all times. So, whether you belong to young, mid, and advanced presbyopes requiring smooth visual clarity among a variety of activities and visual zones, the Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ lenses are an ideal solution.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ Lenses 2022 Update

As Autograph Intelligence is designed to evolve, after a continuous research study, Shamir decided it was time for a new release. Since its introduction in 2018, the world has changed showing a remarkable increase in digital screen use. To fit today’s tech-driven society, Shamir improved their flagship progressive lens design adding a few tweaks that make the digital viewing zone corridor more useful. The improvements include easier adaptation for presbyopes with low Adds, instant focus for every distance with smooth transition between vision zones, and a unique lens design tailored to the wearer's Visual Age™.

ShamirAutograph Intelligence Intellicorridor

In order to adapt progressive lenses to the challenges of the modern, on-the-go lifestyles, Shamir emphasized the digital visual field in the lens even more than before. Utilizing the patented IntelliCorridor™ technology, the manufacturer improved intermediate vision by increasing softness, visual field and visual acuity -providing the right power profile for each visual age. Also, the list of the Shamir’s proven technologies includes the As-Worn Quadro™ that provides the perfect vision for any frame choice, the Natural Posture™ that ensures a more comfortable, natural position when reading, and the Close-Up™ that guarantees a more accurate, personalized lens.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ Technologies
Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ Technologies

New Groundbreaking Technologies within the Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ Lenses

To make the new Autograph Intelligence™ Lenses ideally adapted to today’s visual needs, Shamir added some new innovative technologies: the EyePoint Technology AI™ enables to see exactly where in the lens patients actually look, along both the horizontal and vertical meridians, when they specifically perform tasks in the various visual zones; the Visual AI Engine™ ensures extreme accuracy for each new lens design; and the Continuous Design Technology™ integrates research findings with the wearer’s habits and visual needs to provide a smooth, seamless lens design concept for every Visual Age™.

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