See and Be Seen with Electric Eyewear from Wissing

Eyewear from Wissing

Germans are known for their punctuality, efficiency, and exacting standards. Though, if you think that they are all about sterile and monotonous industrial designs, Wissing will do a 180 on your opinion. The precision and quality of German craftsmanship paired with a drop-dead array of candy tones and rainbow color combinations results in head-turning acetate optical frames. The collection of Electric Eyewear from Wissing is especially designed to express the wearer’s individuality through bold patterns, cheerful colors, and exclusive shapes.


Wissing is famous for its daring, creative use of every color imaginable. Their unique multi-layered stripe patterns of vivid hues from neon to camouflages to pastels have made the brand name so successful throughout the world. The company’s engineers meticulously craft each layer of acetate one in a single session, only topping the next sheet when ready to maintain the pure intensity of every color.


The Electric Eyewear collection offers frames that come in a comprehensive variety of sizes, one-of-a-kind shapes and customizable treatments, so anyone striving for a pop of color can choose their own outstanding style. Made from high-quality cellulose acetate, the frames are flexible and lightweight, which makes them a comfortable option for daily wear.