Reviving 80s Chic: GÖTTI DIMENSION Collection


In a world where fashion trends often come full circle, GÖTTI's latest DIMENSION frames are taking us on a nostalgic journey back to the vibrant era of the 80s. At the forefront of this retro revival are the FILDE and FRANKA models, which boast an oversized look and lower temples, blending vintage aesthetics with modern sensibilities.

GÖTTI Franka

New Filde and Franka models from the GÖTTI DIMENSION Collection


GÖTTI frames represent the pinnacle of Swiss craftsmanship, renowned for its precision and attention to detail. Each pair is meticulously crafted to the highest standards, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. The brand is committed to innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of eyewear technology to deliver frames that are not only stylish, but incredibly comfortable to wear. The new FILDE and FRANKA frames are crafted from ultra-light stainless steel and accented with a 3D printed rim. The fusion of materials creates a captivating play of colors, with sleek polyamide contrasting with luxurious curved metal temples. This eyewear exudes a striking, powerful aesthetic that is essential for any fashion-forward individual. But it's not just about looks-the soft, tactile feel of the frames blurs the line between visual and tactile appeal, creating an immediate sense of comfort and well-being.

GÖTTI Redefines Funky Glamour

Amidst Rubik's Cubes, the advent of the CD player, and the cultural upheaval marked by the breakup of ABBA and the rise of the punk subculture, the '80s were a whirlwind of activity. Fashion reflected this dynamic, with trends ranging from bold colors and edgy cuts to striking graphic patterns. Now, GÖTTI DIMENSION revisits this era by reinterpreting two iconic eyewear styles that capture the spirit of the decade. The FILDE and FRANKA frames are the epitome of funky glam. Exuding a surprising yet refreshing allure, these eyewear pieces embody the essence of casual elegance with a dash of swing. Perfect for those seeking an authentic retro look, these glasses are making waves as the 80s revival gains momentum.

FILDE by GÖTTI: The Ultimate Retro Chic


Filde from the GÖTTI DIMENSION Collection

The perfect fusion of past and present, FILDE blends 1980s style with timeless sophistication. Its oversized frame and low temples are quintessentially 80s, exuding both elegance and uniqueness. The FILDE has a soft, rounded silhouette that creates a confident and powerful look.

FRANKA by GÖTTI: Vintage Classics
GÖTTI Franka
GÖTTI Franka
Franka from the GÖTTI DIMENSION Collection

Flexible and ultra-comfortable, FRANKA frames make a bold statement with their angular and robust design. Combined with curved stainless steel temples, these square vintage classics are transformed into contemporary eye-catchers that seamlessly blend nostalgia with modernity.

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