Ray-Ban Presents the Colorblock Collection – Bold Sunglasses For a Festive Summer Season

Ray-Ban Colorblock Collection

A little bit of summer is what the whole year is all around! That is why it’s so important to enjoy every single moment of this beautiful season! Once again, Ray-Ban is on the crest of the wave with its new Colorblock Collection, a range of bright and badass sunglasses “born” to take this season’s hottest eyewear trend (the wayfarer frame) to the next level. Contrasts are in and the summer is on! 



Ray-Ban Colorblock Collection 2022 


Famous for its iconic eyewear designs and freedom of expression, Ray-Ban creates matchless frames for people who live in the now and love to express their individuality with stunning accessories. The newest Colorblock Collection dives into the spirit with carefree confidence. Turn the energy up and the color on with a pair of Wayfarer-style sunglasses, available in bold transparent color combinations.


Original Wayfarer Colorblock in Transparent Green/Dark Gray Classic 

Transparent frames are still trendy in 2022, and look especially stylish on a sunny summer day. They add a touch of warmth and brightness to the wearer’s face, enhancing the facial features instead of covering them. The Colorblock sunglasses from Ray-Ban are just perfect for your festive summer wardrobe! The six color combinations make a sure splash with extra energy and radiant vibes. 

Original Wayfarer Colorblock in Transparent Blue/Red Classic 

The Colorblock Collection includes 5 sunglasses in 4 discreet yet intense colors: transparent red (with blue lenses), transparent blue (with red lenses), transparent violet (with orange lenses), and transparent green (available in two lens options – Polarized Silver/Green Chromance Mirror and Dark Gray). Each style is paired with a matching Ray-Ban cord, giving the wearer a freedom to live up every moment without doubt or hesitation. 

Original Wayfarer Colorblock in Transparent Red 


Blue Classic Lenses 


Transitions® Lenses 


The Ray-Ban Summer 2022 Collection also includes a pair of eyeglasses, the Original Wayfarer Colorblock Transitions® offered in Transparent Red. The frame is paired with the premium-quality Transitions Lenses finished with an advanced anti-reflective coating to reduce glare. Transitions® optical lenses intelligently adapt to all conditions for optimum vision performance – inside and outside, day to night. Make waves with a new Ray-Ban optical style this summer!


Click Here to Discover More on Transitions® Lenses


Original Wayfarer Colorblock in Transparent Violet/Orange Classic 



More Details on the Colorblock Sunglass Frames


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