Pushing the Limits with Dior Solight Sunglasses

Dior Solight Sunglasses

Big glasses are the most notable and demonstrative. They can be the biggest accent of the image. This is a choice of the brightest personalities. Oversized glasses are desired by true fashionistas as well as they are must haves for great lovers to shine and to attract attention. 

For Hollywood celebrities, models, and social media stars this is number one accessory which is the extension of their extraordinary personalities.

Oversized sunglasses are timelessly trendy, they are hot, they are highly expressive.

Although their popularity has remained unchanged since the times they started to excite minds of fashion followers, one thing has surely changed: oversized sunnies have become more oversized throughout the years. 

The SoLight sunnies from Dior is the real provocation. Dior is known for its insolent styles, for taking risks to create the original offbeat designs, for pushing limits. This time we are impressed with DiorSoLight 1 and the DiorSoLight 2. 

Both oversized models of sunglasses are striking and look amazingly great. They are made of acetate and have an exceptional shield design with the wide frame, large lens and stumpy temples which stand out because they are stockier than the usual and brand’s name is visible on them. Three colors are available for SoLight1 to create an unforgettable image: black, pink and ivory, while SoLight2 go in black, dark-blue, pink and brown.

SoLight sunglasses from Dior are lightweight, flexible and, extremely stylish. They have a great mask effect and perfectly protect from sun rays or cover face hiding traces of sleepless nights.