Powerful and Lightweight. New Acetate Frames from ic! berlin

New Acetate Frames from ic! berlin

ic! berlin, a renowned German manufacturer of handcrafted eyewear, introduced the new collection of high-end optical frames and sunglasses that combine sophisticated shapes and timeless colors. Made from top-grade acetate, these bold, voluminous and modern frames are extremely lightweight and comfortable as well.


The new range includes 2 new sunglasses: the Beam for her and the Alpha for him, and offers a refined Panto-shaped optical frame called Theorem. These new models complement the ic! berlin metal Classic Collection and are available for sale since January, 2021.

The Beam sunglasses




The collection highlights timeless silhouettes with new universal and playful colors, each of which is unique and beautiful in its own way. The Beam is a bold, square-shaped pair of women sunglasses that comes with transparent colors, perfectly showing up the new clamp system. 

The Alpha sunglasses



The Alpha is a masculine sunglasses that feature a sporty rectangular shape with rough-cut finish for a distinctive and charismatic look. Premium-quality materials and innovative hinge are constant companions. These standouts are just perfect to accompany you in your smart look, your masculinity and your bossy moments. 

The Theorem sunglasses

The Acetate collection also includes optical styles for men and women, as well as a unisex option. The Theorem is a large panto frame that comes in different colors for male and female. Expertly crafted in a German manufactory, the spectacles show milling marks and are not polished, which provides an enticing, charismatic look. New ic! berlin frames also feature the extended temple with acetate material that reaches the hinge. To create a sleek and homogeneous look, the fronts and temples are of the same color. The right temple has an inlay, which is either silver or gold. 

While playing with volumes, ic! berlin does not sacrifice that super-lightweight feel it is famous for. By utilizing the advanced technology, they managed to create durable yet flexible frames. All models feature the innovative clamp system that combines acetate and metal sheet without screws or glue. The new clip wraps around the acetate front, making it visible from all sides. This allows for a smooth connection and elegant contrast between the two materials.


These sensational frames are just a few styles from the host of imaginative and uniquely crafted glasses by ic! berlin that we offer at EuroOptica. Welcome to our eyewear boutique at 280 Columbus Ave (corner of W 73rd St), New York, to choose the best frame for your optical and stylish needs.