Playful Frames from New FACE À FACE Collection

Face A Face Split 1 Sunglasses

FACE À FACE is a bold and creative eyewear brand that blends the best of their radical innovators and skilled craftsmen with the most audacious of artistic culture from Paris and around the globe. Since 1995, the manufacturer has built a reputation on mind-blowing eyewear designs, popular among creative and spirited personalities. FACE À FACE celebrates diversity and strives to express the individual’s personality.

The latest eyewear collection from FACE À FACE is the synthesis of unpredictable design, artful details and precision craftsmanship. The new concept reveals precious materials crafted with prismatic reflections and bright resonances. Together they form a new cosmos of stellar dimension. Inspired by the Art of Deconstruction and led by artistic director Pascal Jaulent, the Radical Cutouts collection impresses with new, unexpected twists on familiar shapes and implements powerful color pops. So, let’s discover the hottest eyewear pieces where outlines are flipped, colors collide, substance and void are tightly balanced.

The Shift 2 in col.4321 – FACE A FACE Radical Cutouts Collection​​

The first words that come into mind when looking at the “SHIFT” glasses are masterful contrasts. These feminine, feline spectacles are a perfect balance between post-industrial aesthetics and the mischievous softness of curves. Ground-breaking and audacious, these optical frames create an elegant yet unpredictable look. Both Shift models feature a transparent acetate front decorated with a colored geometric block, a 5-piece hinge, unbeatable sculpture and finish: these stylish frames are honed by Unique French craftsmanship. Heightened burnishing gives them a post-industrial aesthetic nuanced by the wicked smoothness of the curves. 

The Bocca Palma 2 in col.0078 – FACE A FACE Radical Cutouts Collection​​

The “BOCCA PALMA” line includes two captivating sunglasses, inspired by the architecture of 1950s Florida. The Bocca Palma 1 is a large panto shape combined with floral color hues and soothing transparent acetate. The result is a harmonious and balanced silhouette. The Bocca Palma 2 is a softened square frame with a unique vintage spirit, expressed in colors that evoke an era of refined cocktails. Though both shades have a classic design, they are deconstructed into something new and exciting. 

FACE A FACE Glasses – Shift 1 in col.4057, Bocca Palma 1 in col.2045, Bocca Palma 2 in col.1911​​
The Split 2 in col.203 – FACE A FACE Radical Cutouts Collection​​

If you’re hunting for a true fashion statement, the “SPLIT” sunglasses are just what you need this summer season! At first sight, these are gorgeous frames with slight cat eye inspirations. But when you notice the lenses, sliced away at the end pieces, you understand that these are special pieces in a special collection. Plus, amazing color combinations of the Made-in-Italy acetate give a charming and unique impression.

The Split 1 in col.100 – FACE A FACE Radical Cutouts Collection

FACE A FACE Sunglasses – Split 1 in col.811 and col.3064​​

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