Oliver Goldsmith Presents new Iconic Sunglasses in THE PARTY NEVER ENDS Campaign

Oliver Goldsmith Party Never Ends Sunglasses Collection

Synonymous with style and stars, Oliver Goldsmith creates timeless silhouettes that will always be a fashion staple. Everybody, from dress designers to royalty and stars of the screen, choose OG Icons to make a bold statement. The renowned eyewear brand brings a modern touch to vintage sunglass designs by manipulating with classic shapes and adding a fresh wash of color.

To celebrate the UK lockdown ending, the brand has released a new party edit of the most popular and beautiful sunglass designs that are just perfect to compliment any party outfit this fall, next winter and years to come. We’ve chosen the most outstanding silhouettes from the new “The Party Never Ends” campaign to show you sunglasses that you don’t want to take off even when the sun goes down.

Ego Geometric Sunglasses Oliver Goldsmith Icons Party Never Ends
Oliver Goldsmith EGO Sunglasses – Party Never Ends Collection

The EGO – Be Bold and Brilliant

Warm nights call for epic dance parties and balmy evenings spent with family. Whether you’re going out or enjoying a staycation, the EGO will be your perfect companion! It is nothing short of a design masterpiece that provides instant Hollywood glamour. Its geometric shaping stands confidently on the face encapsulating the excessive nature of 1970’s fashion. Beautiful colors unite with playful angles and sharp lines to show the world a real work of art, bold and highly expressive.

Oliver Goldsmith Icons Hep Sunglasses Party Never Ends Collection
Oliver Goldsmith HEP Sunglasses – Party Never Ends Collection

The HEP – Be More Audrey

The entirely elegant HEP was designed specifically for Audrey Hepburn in 1963 and is set to become one of Oliver Goldsmith’s most iconic eyewear pieces. The brand shared a spectacular relationship with Audrey Hepburn throughout the 1960’s, designing frames for her most famous characters. It was often a collaborative process, with Goldsmith and Hepburn sharing an equal passion for design and style. Audrey was outstanding in her ability to make anything she wore shine and HEP is a perfect example of just that. Elegant yet highly glamorous, these sunglasses are a perfect representation of Hepburn herself, which gives them universal allure allowing them to suit any face.

Senor Square Sunglasses Oliver Goldsmith Icons Party Never Ends Collection
Oliver Goldsmith SENOR Sunglasses – Party Never Ends Collection

The SEŃOR – Be Cool and Naturally Stylish

First launched in 1964, the SEŃOR was heavily influenced by the attitude of the era. Celebrities, Royalty and musicians, such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Michael Caine were the fashion influencers of the time, with the people idolizing their look and desperately striving to repeat it. The SEŃOR perfectly embodies the progressive vibe of this era. Undeniably cool, these sunglasses have stood the test of time, looking as stylish today as they did back then. Distinctive shaping and thickly cut acetate creates a bold feeling; while the classic lines give a touch of familiarity associated with the icons of the time.  So, if you want to look and feel like Ray Charles or Bob Dylan, then Señor is you’re the frame you need.

Kari Round Oversized Sunglasses Oliver Goldsmith Party Never Ends Collection
Oliver Goldsmith KARI Sunglasses – Party Never Ends Collection

The KARI – Be Achingly Sexy

Originally released in 1973, the KARI has quickly joined the ranks of OG Icons. The beautifully arched frame encapsulates the cool spirit of Seventies, bringing you to the halcyon days of dancing and discos. This beautiful, elegant silhouette from Oliver Goldsmith is complemented by strong, classic color ways resulting in a perfect balance of drama and wearability. The KARI is the perfect accessory to add something extra to an outfit whether it’s full glam or jeans and a t-shirt.

Choosing your perfect pair of sunglasses is a journey – but one well worth investing in. Visit our optical boutique at 280 Columbus Ave and enjoy the exploration! If you ever need any advice we’re always here to help.