New SS2021 Lafont Paris Collection – the Epitome of Parisian Style

Lafont Paris Collection

Lafont is the eponymous Parisian eyewear house, known all over the world for its extraordinary, artistic designs. Lafont glasses are very easy to fall in love with since they stand out from the rest featuring unique style and French passion. Thomas Lafont, the creative director of the brand, shares his thought on the new Spring/Summer 2021 eyewear collection. Crafted under extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, the collection is uniquely different from all his previous campaigns. The lockdowns required brand new ways to work and develop ideas.


By experimenting with the shapes, materials and playing with colors, Thomas Lafont created a collection that expresses the classic charm and elegance of the signature style. The frames feature fascinating colorations and delicate silhouettes to provide an artistic look to any outfit. The styles are accessible, easy-to-wear with utmost quality and bright design. Let’s have a look at a couple of the most impressive frames from the collection.

Harriet in col. 1051T Black​​
Harriet in col. 1051T Black​​
Harriet in col. 5169 Brown​​
Harriet in col. 6080 Red​​

The highlights of the collection include eye-catching feather-effect acetate frames and models with the innovative ‘terrazzo’ pattern. The Harriet by Lafont Paris is an elegant and sophisticated frame that features a really impressive 3D effect. To preserve the rhythm of Lafont’s creative style, the designer used the feather effect for his new glasses. The superimposed color has an artistic feel and creates a bold and cheerful statement. The Harriet is the perfect blend of round yet edged off design, combined with striking patterns for a chic and refined look!

Lafont Paris – The Heritiere from SS21 Collection​​
Heritiere in col.3153 Blue​​
Heritiere in col.4048 Green​​
Heritiere in col.380 Panther​​
Heritiere in col.7121 Pink​​

The Heritiere is an instant classic from the House of Lafont. The feminine ‘terrazzo’ frame has a natural look with a twist of irregularity, combining shiny effects with the opaque. The light tones are beautifully mixed with a touch of black, creating a perfect ‘terrazzo’ effect. Welcome to EuroOptica, NYC to discover a dazzling assortment of new Lafont frames from the Spring/Summer 2021 collection.