New Level of Lightness - LINDBERG Thintanium Eyewear

LINDBERG Thintanium Super Lighweight titanium glasses

The world-renowned Danish eyewear brand LINDBERG launched a new Thintanium collection that takes lightness to a whole new level. The artisans from LINDBERG have pushed the possibilities of titanium to new heights by creating ultra-thin frames – a clear benchmark for the future of titanium eyewear. By utilizing the latest and most innovative technologies, the manufacturer gave birth to likely the thinnest full-plate titanium glasses in the world.



5507-GT/GC69 and 5501-77/GC67 from LINDBERG Thintanium Collection​​

Thintanium collection is the epitome of refined Danish design with its minimalistic, elegant aesthetics. The range includes frames for both men and women that come in an array of beautiful shapes, from edged squares to modern round silhouettes. Their sleek and sophisticated look makes them a perfect choice for modern people who value practicality and have an exquisite sense of style. 


5504-U9 from Thintanium Collection​​

Each pair of new LINDBERG glasses weighs only 3.3 grams, so the wearer might even forget they’re wearing them. Though the frames look essentially rimless in appearance, they still maintain the stability of a full titanium front. This is achieved by imbedding the ultra-thin front in the groove of the lenses. Also, the glasses feature the patented screwless hinge design, which also adds a clean and elegant look to the construction. 

The LINDBERG patented screwless hinge design 

The LINDBERG Thintanium collection has already gained recognition and won some of the most prestigious design awards. Among them is “The Red Dot: Best of the Best” – the highest result in the competition, reserved for the very best products, and the iF Gold Award – the highest award by iF design where LINDBERG was within the 75 of 10,000 applicants who received the honor. 

5503-GT Sunglasses from LINDBERG Thintanium Collection​​

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