New ic! berlin Glasses – Intellectual Retro Looks that Turn Heads this Winter

ic! berlin FW2022 walk in the park eyewear collection

Have you already discovered the latest styles from ic! berlin? The iconic German eyewear brand presented the new Walk in the Park collection, which became immensely popular in Fall 2022/Winter 2023. The range includes bold and classic silhouettes combined for classic understatements and eye-catchers. To give each frame a one-of-a-kind stunning look, ic berlin has incorporated elements of geometry and color with their own unique, clean lines.

Since very beginning, ic berlin has been committed to providing high-quality eyepieces that not only look great but also provide comfort and performance. All ic! berlin glasses are a perfect combination of the unique, no-screw hinge with stainless steel, titanium, and natural acetate materials. The result is robust, lightweight and ultra-modern eyewear designs that suit every gender and every age.

ic! berlin FW2022 Collection
ic! berlin FW2022 Walk in the Park Collection

ic! berlin FW 2022 Eyewear Collection - the Gill and Liam Models

The new ic! berlin eyewear campaign, shot in Berlin’s “Gardens of the World,” is introduced by photo models Stella, Fausto and Ivo who take you for a walk in the park. Inspired by the beautiful garden architecture that attracts not only Berliners but also visitors from all over the world, the new ic! berlin glasses are an opulent mix of a pure, sophisticated design from ic! berlin and retro-inspired shapes. The Walk in the Park collection offers stunning optical frames in an array of colors from vibrant hues to subtle earth tones. All ic berlin glasses also feature advanced lenses with anti-glare and UV protection, making them ideal for any environment.


ic! berlin gill eyeglasses
ic! berlin gill optical frame

The Gill in Matte Crystal

The Gill in Ghetto Havana Matte

If you’re ready to make a bold statement, the unisex Gill frame from ic! berlin has you covered. These rough and edgy glasses with a bold color combo are trending this season. The ideal oval-shaped frame is handcrafted from acetate and features the entirely flexible stainless-steel no-screw hinges. Reinterpreted classics with a contemporary touch – just the perfect choice for purists seeking unique, understated eyewear.


ic! berlin liam eyeglasses
ic! berlin liam optical frame

The Liam in Black Matte

The Liam in Brown Driftwood

The new Liam frame from ic! berlin offers an amazing oversized look. Enduring quality and timeless design are those features that make these glasses stand out in any environment! The acetate front and temple parts are each cut from a single block of premium cellulose acetate. The material’s transparency allowed the manufacturer to create eye-catching effects. Combined with an underlying metal frame, it also offers hybrid forms which highlight the eyewear shape.


ic! berlin maloja eyeglasses
ic! berlin maloja optical frames

The Maloja in Copper Lilac Pop

The Maloja in Rogochi Pop (upper frame) and Aubergine (lower frame)

Color contrasts within the new ic! berlin model Maloja creates a one-of-a-kind look that takes your style to the next level. Handcrafted from the highest-grade cold-rolled stainless steel from Germany, the frame is featherlight yet remarkably strong. Also, these sophisticated square-shaped glasses feature a second-generation, patented no-screw hinge system. So, if you’re seeking minimalist Scandinavian design, the Maloja is just what the doctor ordered.

ic! berlin sulley eyeglasses
ic! berlin sulley optical frame

The Sulley in Acid Yellow Black Valley

The Sulley in Off White Black Valley

Looking for a pair of glasses matching every fall and winter look? Meet Sulley, a retro-inspired frame with top bar and lower eye rim in contrasting colors. Featuring an intellectual retro look, these square-shaped ic! berlin glasses are guaranteed to give your outfit an extra coolness. The Sulley is one of the brightest representatives of the ic! berlin line of smaller prescription frames.

ic! berlin Vanadium eyeglasses
ic! berlin Vanadium optical frame

The Vanadium in Black Gunmetal

The Vanadium in Rough Graphite

The model Vanadium from the Walk in the Park collection adds casualness to any look. This is a new addition to the Pure Elements collection with precision-milled stainless steel eye rims. The very soft panto eye shape and subtle contrasts of the metal finishes create the perfect understated business look. The Vanadium is an ideal mix of a timeless, classic design and innovative features, such as the brand’s signature no-screw hinge.

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