MYKITA’s New 2021 Campaign Starring New Yorkers

MYKITA’s New 2021 Campaign Starring

MYKITA is a renowned eyewear manufacturer, famous throughout the industry for its clear design language, which is expressed in sophisticated shapes, elegant details and creative approach. An inventive and liberated nature of the company results in fresh, innovative eyewear designs, minimalistic yet intelligent. To create their one-of-a-kind eyewear pieces that are so different and original, the MYKITA’s team consists of professionals with diverse cultural backgrounds and unique talents who guide the product through every stage. Such an interaction between people and disciplines drives the aspiration for experiments reflected in all MYKITA products. 


By staying true to its core principles, MYKITA launches a new 2021 campaign “In Living Color” that is a homage to the individuality and creativity. For the campaign, long-time collaborator Mark Borthwick photographed a group of New Yorkers, chosen for their open hearts, spiritual minds and creative spirits. 


Relying on his authentic style and natural aesthetic, Borthwick releases raw emotions and movement in a series of portraits that reveal the beauty of a characteristic gesture. Celebrating the brightness of life, the portraits are presented in rich neon colors that perfectly demonstrate a culturally diverse community of New Yorkers with a shared creative vision. 


The new eyewear collection includes a comprehensive range of styles, from avant-garde to classic, all defined by a progressive approach to construction, form, and surface. The glasses are made from acetate, stainless steel or MYLON to ensure exceptional reliability and lasting performance. MYKITA successfully combines the handcrafted contemporary design with advanced technology to create glasses with an exquisite and bold aesthetics.