MYKITA'S MYLON Glasses are Certified for Use as PPE


At the end of 2020, the German eyewear company MYKITA launched its new glasses MYLON GUARD ONE that is developed in cooperation with medical workers to create a stylish accessory as well as PPE (personal protective equipment) that provides excellent functionality and comfort. Nowadays, the question of the health and safety of people all over the globe takes the first place, and this eyewear with its shield-like silhouette can reduce its wearer’s risk of contracting COVID-19, if it’s worn with other PPE, including respiratory and face masks. Every pair of new glasses is made following the latest German standards, combining personal protection with a sporty design.


If you’re working in conditions where social contacts with people are necessary, and it’s not always possible to maintain safety distances, the GUARD ONE is what the doctor ordered. With its simply exchangeable shields, it can be worn as  daily protection at work or used just as an everyday accessory. The frame is made of MYLON, a lightweight innovative material founded by MYKITA in 2010. Thanks to anti-fog innovative technology, the glasses provide clear vision at all times. Optimized for wear over your own eyeglasses, GUARD ONE has an adjustable strap to hold it on your head to ensure comfortable wear for a long time.

The product is reusable and fully suitable for disinfection and cleaning thanks to removable lenses that could be replaced with a UV-protecting shield to use for sports and outdoor activities. Certified for use as PPE in North America and Europe, GUARD ONE is created by the most skilled optical engineers and healthcare workers to be used as clear safety eyewear or a sunshield whenever you need to protect your eyes – in the hospital or workshop, walking around or driving a bike. The product includes a cleaning cloth, head strap, and a branded waterproof bag to store the glasses. These glasses can be ordered online from the official website or purchased in our store EuroOptica in New York, an authorized retailer of the world-known eyewear brands.