Meet the New ic! berlin Custom Fit Optical Collection – Ultra-Modern Glasses with Architectural Lines

ic! berlin custom fit optical collection 2023

ic! berlin is famous for their innovative eyewear designs that successfully combine top-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Each frame is handmade with care and precision, resulting in a comfortable, fashionable, and best performing pair of spectacles. The renowned German brand has always prided themselves on their attention to detail, and the new Custom Fit Optical Collection is no exception.

The new Custom Fit Optical Series by ic! berlin is characterized by modern classic frames that vary between sophistication and beautiful excitement through the application of striking color combinations, including the sensational mix of Aubergine PVD and the fiery Flame lacquer. This fiery color combination is sure to be a highlight on any face.

The new collection includes optical styles: Juna, Rio, Luna, and Bo. Round, sleek-looking eyeglasses feature architectural lines and hard contrasts. Utilizing innovative manufacturing techniques and new materials, such as the acetate-hybrid (Rio and Juna) and stainless steel (Luan and Bo), the frames are a perfect choice for those people who refuse to compromise between reliability and aesthetics. From expert metal bending and high-tech color treatments to lacquer and laser engraving: ic! berlin embraces a customized approach and mindset to create high-quality eyewear.


ic berlin custom fit optical collection luan
ic berlin custom fit optical collection luan

Featured model from the Custom Fit Optical Collection: Luan in color Aubergine Flame

Looking for a new everyday pair of glasses that is both stylish and functional? The Luan from the Custom Fit Optical Collection is sure to impress and make a fashion statement. It is a timeless stainless-steel model with a square shape and a range of elegant to bold color variations. The frame is a combination of the original, no-screw hinge with cold-rolled stainless steel from Germany, which results in a robust yet lightweight construction.

The BO

ic berlin custom fit optical collection bo
ic berlin custom fit optical collection bo

Bo in color Shiny Aubergine Flame

The second all-steel model from the new ic! berlin Custom Fit Optical Collection is the Bo, a larger square-shaped variant to Luan. The frame is offered in four different color combinations, two of which feature a vibrant inside/out lacquer finish. This gives the eyeglasses a unique and dynamic look that is sure to drop jaws. So, whether you’re striving for a classic or more urban appearance, the Custom Fit Optical Collection has something for everyone.

The RIO and JUNA
ic berlin custom fit optical collection Juna and Rio
ic berlin custom fit optical collection Juna and Rio
Rio in col. Shiny-Grafite-Sky-Gray and Juna in col. Graphite-Blue-Waters

Within the collection, there are a couple of standout acetate hybrid frames inspired by minimalist Scandinavian design. Each frame features a second-generation, patented no-screw hinge system, which makes it featherlight yet remarkably strong. The Rio stands out as a stylish square-panto shape, while its round counterpart, Juna, showcases a panto shape with more delicate, soft lines. Both models are offered in stunning color combinations, from elegant Rose-Gold-Sky-Gray-Matte to seductive Graphite-Blue-Waters to expressive Teak-Magma. So, whether you prefer a round or square shape, these acetate hybrid frames from ic! berlin will add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Be sure to check out the full ic! berlin eyewear collection today and choose your new favorite pair of glasses. CLICK HERE to look through the range.